Friday, October 28, 2005

Conspiracy Theory Overdone...

So the piglet IMs me a link to a conspiracy theory, which, I'll admit, makes good reading. And since it's something I would very much WANT to hear, it's believable. The secret return of Bill Waterson is probably the one headline I'd always want to believe in.

I follow up all the links on the page, and even read all thirty available strips on, but I've come away disappointed. It's not there. It's not him. The art is good, and I might say, at times, even better, but the infinite wisdom is missing. There are time machines and there is spiky hair, but something's amiss, definitely.

Desperate conspiracy theory? Ingenious viral marketing trick? I don't know. But if I'd read Frazz on my own, I'd have rated it average to good. Given the comparison with Calvin, I'm thinking that this strip doesn't quite have it. It's a good strip, no doubt. But it's not Bill Waterson. At least, I don't think so.


Tamara. said...

joyous squeals and hugs for overcoming your ENNUI and deciding to inflict yourself on the webworld, piglet. here's to lots of intriguing blogposts and snortworthy theories.

The Invizible Man said...

No, Frazz's not as good, in fact, I wouldn't rate it higher than average.
IMO, this Frazz guy is like the Fido Dido guy, with Calvin's hair. And some reasonably lame Calvin-copy lines. Where art thou, Bill Waterson, when thy subjects need thee? :(