Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stomach This...

MomX comes to town a couple of times every year and we pretty much do the entire circuit. When the Piglet came the last time, she made me plan it out, though she was too busy with her numerous social commitments to execute to plan. Cow and I have discussed it too, and done parts of it at various points in time. But nevertheless, I thought one should document this in its entirety. This is one of the GOOD ideas.

Be that as may...

It’s a plan for an entire weekend of eating out in Bangalore. This one is the retro version, to remind us of the good old days when Bangalore was a rocking little place and the economy was normal and we used to watch Gandhi class movies for twenty bucks. Obviously, it's targeted at people who eat EVERYTHING; so vegetarians, devout Hindus and other such folk will have to work around the small details.


Dinner at Mojo’s. Yes, yes, new place and all that, but we know where its heart is. Try either the pub-lunch, or pick the Dosa and Beef Pulimunchi. And perhaps some mussels or prawns for flavour.


Breakfast at Your Neighbourhood Darshini. It's de rigueur to belt a couple of hardcore Bangalore-style masala dosas if you’re here, with the trademark Sambaar and Chutney. We usually do the one in Cambridge Layout, or some of the ones in Tippasandra. But it’s up to you really, subject to where you’re staying.

Lunch at Curry Story. A small little eatery tucked away. Don’t miss the East-Indian Bottle Masala Chicken with rice. The Thai stuff is good, too.

A few Beers at Peco’s. I’ve actually made friends with a Bangalorean in the disgusting depths of Gurgaon with only as much as a Peco’s pitcher card. The all-Bangalorean watering hole for all time. And Kerala Beef Fry, of course.

Dinner at Empire. Classic Saturday night dinner. Drink or watch your movie as late as you want, and top it off here. Don’t mess with the menu: One Ghee Rice, Half-Kababs, Half-Butter Chicken, Half-Grill, One KP. Dosa-chicken is for the less traditionally inclined (at the cost of being controversial, I'd still pick the Peco's version over this)


Breakfast at Koshy's. If you're late, you'll have to stand in line for Bangalore's favourite Sunday morning breakfast, of ALL time, ever. Appam, Mutton Stew and your choice of juice. And another helping.

Lunch at Nagarjuna’s. Or any other respectable Andhra joint. And don’t bother looking at the menu. One Mutton Biriyani, large. Or a Large Meals, if you’ve been away really long.

Dinner at Arabian Savoury. You've had your share of spice all weekend; what you need is some classic middle-eastern humus and shawarma to top it off. Only the brave try the drinks with the wierdass names. And some of them are so thick, you should ditch the straw.


So that’s that. The notable misses and controversial choices are for you to deal with. There’ll be an affluent version of this shortly, to keep up with the moneyed economy and whatnot.


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Tamara. said...

i know, will never forgive myself. this is seriously good - for a gourmet weekend story... also, you should come visit me now; i have east indian sausages in my fridge.