Friday, December 30, 2005



I'm not the biggest fan of the Australian cricket team, but this time, I'm glad they thrashed the South Africans.

Because Graeme Smith is an arrogant bastard. Go on, make disparaging remarks about Shane Warne, who for all his antics, is arguably the best modern day test bowler. In this last test, Smith made 22 and 25, while Warne took 2 and 4 wickets. Talk less and bat more, what?

I had been to a stand-up thing last month (Jim Jeffries, some white dude, at Take Five in Indiranagar), and even that guy had a story about Smith's arrogance. I think it's wiser people earn their stripes before becoming a test captain. He may be a good batsman, but regularly losing captains should think twice before throwing attitude.

My two bits, cos it's MY blog. Ha!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Some Good 'Drawing'...


Brian Azarello (who created the ultra-cool 100 Bullets, with Eduardo Risso, for the uninitiated) is out with another Vertigo series. It's called 'Loveless', and is a western, set at the fag end of the American Civil War. I've read the first two issues, and it might hold promise. The tagline reads, 'Behind every Bad man, is a Badder Woman'. It tells the tale of one Wes Cutter, an ex-Confederate soldier and his beloved wife, Ruth. Marcelo Frusin's art does it's bit.

Take a look, if you can. Standard themes of revenge, gunslinging, raped women, 'mah land', 'niggahs' et al apply.

Here's a page from Issue 1.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Point of View on Bong Women...

This is from a blog by a bong (the kind that grew up in Kolkata, unlike me). Some 'interesting' points of view on bong (and other) women. Additionally interesting is yet another definition of 'nyeka', a word every bong considers undefinable.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Monkeyin About...

“So what’re you listening to these days? I’m so tired of rock music” wondered Poo, an erstwhile follower of my listening choices.
“Oh I don’t know, the usual”, I attempted to evade.
“Come now, I don’t believe that”, said Poo, probing as ever.
“Umm, ok, well there’s this band called the Gorillaz”.
“What kind of music is that, then? Rock?
“I don’t know, they sort of monkey about”

Later, when the video for ‘Feel Good Inc’ comes on the telly, I point it out.

“That’s umm…. Hey, there’s some dude rapping”
“Yeah, but Damon Albarn of Blur is in the band. It’s his band, really.”
“Rap-rock, huh?”, Poo concludes.
“Nah, not really, there’s sufficient electronica, there’s a track with Denis Hopper narrating some sort of story”
“But YOU’re listening to electronic music? Wow!”
“REM’s been using digital drumming for two albums now, you know..”
“Things sure have changed…” Poo’s eyes widened.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

New Word Alert...


the intentional or unwitting fondling of one's unit while the hands are placed in one's pockets; a.k.a. "pocket pool."

Although it may start out as an infinitesimal itch, testicular readjustment, or desire to reaffirm and reassure yourself that you're still intact, we, the male species, are guilty of indulging in a little sacofricosis from time to time. When my uncle was busted by my aunt for this, he attempted to save face by saying that he was digging for change.

Source: Urban Dictionary & Rittix, who pointed it out.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I don’t mean to imply that you have not much better to do, since you’re reading this blog. But since you do have a wee bit of time on your hands… check out Doodleblog, it’s an awesome visual blog by a creative-director sort. Don’t miss the comments below each post; either they’re hilarious or they’re scary.

I'm almost inspired to indulge myself by putting up some doodlin.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


So…I got a little lazy and didn’t shave for a week or so. It wasn’t looking so bad, so I let it grow, like Mr. Clapton said.

It seems to have become a talking point, among admirers and detractors alike…

- So you’re growing a beard?
- No, it’s growing on its own.

- So, WHY are YOU growing a BEARD?
- I want to look like Santy Claus
- You should have started last year then

- Oh wow, that beard is so cool; I want to have wild sex with you.

- What’s with the beard, son? (from the boss)
- Oh I’ll shave the first weekend I don’t spend at work.

- Here’s ten bucks.
- Why! Thank you…
- It’s for a shave
- Ha ha. Fuck off.

And, this gem’s from the local gym-instructor
- Yeenu saar, Love Failure aaa?

- So what’s with the Devdaas look?

So why is Devdaas and ‘failed’ love the only thing that comes to mind when people see a beard. Why not Abe Lincoln? Or the Bee Gees? Or Manmohan Singh? Or Wolverine? Why devdaas? I don’t even remember our Shahrukh Khan sporting one while he was being melodramatic in a haveli pool or something. And yes, some of those statements might be slightly contrived.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Here's an article by Jaideep Varma. This, surprisingly, came in the Times of India. It reminds me that some of the best Indian fiction (by a writer in India) that I've read was not originally written in English. It also (painfully) reminds me that I have no clue about recent 'vernacular' fiction either. Shameless philistine, that I am...

Monday, December 05, 2005


So the venerated ‘authorities’ have finally allowed live bands in the city again. Good for all the nautch girls and their fans, wot? It’s also good for folk such as I, who, once in a while, saunter into Opus on Saturday to see the live act of the evening, and sip my solitary priced-up drink.

The bill of fare this Saturday was mostly Hook, if one ignores the extempore noodlings of one Pravin (“one of Bangalore’s finest guitarists, in Carlton’s introduction).

Hook, comprises Sameera Mohammed’s vocals, Prakash’s acoustic guitar-work (with the bass seemingly turned up high, to compensate for lack of a bass guitar) and Shanky’s multi-instrumentalist virtuosity. And I might venture forth to add that they’ve entertained me sufficiently on the few occasions I’ve caught them, not something I can say for most local acts.

This time, as ever, Shanky and his violin were in fine nick, and did justice to their takes on Joplin’s ‘…Mercedes Benz’, Joel’s ‘New York State Of Mind’ and other such recognised tracks. The highlight, in fact, was their ‘Gimme One Reason’ which featured sari-clad guest vocalist Anupa (no, I haven’t missed the ‘ma’, that’s her name, if you will). Prakash and Shanky went quite ballistic on their duelling acoustic guitar acts too, notable numbers including that Dave Matthews song I forgot the name of, and ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. The couple of originals were good enough to make me buy their CD if and when they put it on shelves. Cribs? Their track selection didn’t keep with their obvious skill; one mustn’t sing ‘I Never Really Loved You Anyway” simply because it originally had a violin on it, however cute I think Andrea Corr is.

That said, do catch Hook the next time they play, it’s my local live-act recommendation for the year.