Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Monkeyin About...

“So what’re you listening to these days? I’m so tired of rock music” wondered Poo, an erstwhile follower of my listening choices.
“Oh I don’t know, the usual”, I attempted to evade.
“Come now, I don’t believe that”, said Poo, probing as ever.
“Umm, ok, well there’s this band called the Gorillaz”.
“What kind of music is that, then? Rock?
“I don’t know, they sort of monkey about”

Later, when the video for ‘Feel Good Inc’ comes on the telly, I point it out.

“That’s umm…. Hey, there’s some dude rapping”
“Yeah, but Damon Albarn of Blur is in the band. It’s his band, really.”
“Rap-rock, huh?”, Poo concludes.
“Nah, not really, there’s sufficient electronica, there’s a track with Denis Hopper narrating some sort of story”
“But YOU’re listening to electronic music? Wow!”
“REM’s been using digital drumming for two albums now, you know..”
“Things sure have changed…” Poo’s eyes widened.


Tamara. said...

Do you know a Tigger also?

Anonymous said...

Neil Gaiman interviews Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett... http://wired-vig.wired.com/wired/archive/13.07/intro.html

Anonymous said...

Hmm...the day is nigh when you wont insist on a guitar in everythin u listen to