Tuesday, December 13, 2005


So…I got a little lazy and didn’t shave for a week or so. It wasn’t looking so bad, so I let it grow, like Mr. Clapton said.

It seems to have become a talking point, among admirers and detractors alike…

- So you’re growing a beard?
- No, it’s growing on its own.

- So, WHY are YOU growing a BEARD?
- I want to look like Santy Claus
- You should have started last year then

- Oh wow, that beard is so cool; I want to have wild sex with you.

- What’s with the beard, son? (from the boss)
- Oh I’ll shave the first weekend I don’t spend at work.

- Here’s ten bucks.
- Why! Thank you…
- It’s for a shave
- Ha ha. Fuck off.

And, this gem’s from the local gym-instructor
- Yeenu saar, Love Failure aaa?

- So what’s with the Devdaas look?

So why is Devdaas and ‘failed’ love the only thing that comes to mind when people see a beard. Why not Abe Lincoln? Or the Bee Gees? Or Manmohan Singh? Or Wolverine? Why devdaas? I don’t even remember our Shahrukh Khan sporting one while he was being melodramatic in a haveli pool or something. And yes, some of those statements might be slightly contrived.


Dilettante said...

You do realise if your sorry excuse for a beard looked more distinguished you wouldn't get all 'Devdas' and 'here's ten bucks for a shave' comments?

Do you, huh, do you?

Mr. D said...

Bitch.... How do you not know that's not a contrived statement?

Anonymous said...

i don't think shah rukh khan could grow one even if he tried

riemann1 said...

cleverly argued point..I felt you broda..until you gave your list of dudes with beards..lincoln? manmohan? bee gees? wolverine? that the best you can come up with? lemme help you out by citing some real dudes with beards...che guevara, socrates(both the philosopher and the Brazilian football legend) and the one and only George Best..Never seen you with a beard(thank the good Lord for small mercies) but I must admit it would be hard not to put it in the dreaded love-lorn loser quota