Saturday, December 16, 2006


... on sarees are the latest fashion innovation, if Chennai Online is to be believed.

It's the brainchild of Sri Kumaran Stores, which 'fashions' itself to be quite an innovator. Chennai Online mentions...
...The store, which brought to the fashionable young women of India the 3-D saree and the colour-changing saree, has now come out with this innovation, says
Ravi, managing director, Sri Kumaran Stores...
The article points out how it is 'no more' the preserve of men to have pockets to keep their mobile phones in.
...has announced the launch of a saree with a pocket -- the first-of-its-kind in the world -- to hold your mobile phone, keys, tissues and intimate make-up. You can carry on with your work without having to worry about the phone or the keys. It’s no longer the men’s preserve to have pockets for all their requirements...
I think 'we men' might be tying our keys to our shirt-tails soon. Hat-tip to keen fashion watcher Mohayana for this one.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Two Boys...

... from Beijing have made it to 'superstardom' simply by putting their (crazyass) lip-synching videos on YouTube.

Mohayana sent me the International Herald Tribune piece on them here...
They posted their first "performance," a nearly 5-minute clip of lip-synching to the Backstreet Boys hit "I Want It That Way," to their college intranet in March 2005. It quickly migrated to big sites like YouTube and Google Video and fast became one of the most watched and highest rated amateur clips online
Here are links to some of their videos... (I'm not sure if like the Public Affair one more, or DaDaDa)

I Want It That Way
(the breakthrough one, they have a 'making of' video too!)
Public Affair
Special Edition
Don't Lie The hooded Fergie is funny

They have a blog! It's hilariously nonsensical too. Check out the imitators and fans they got!

Given the amount of lip-synching that we got going on back home in Bollywoood, these guys should come over and take a look.

I love the dude at the back who sits and plays games throughout all the videos... he stretches sometimes. Got to love the internet.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


...shirts have, for long, dispensed immense wisdom.

I was surfing about aimlessly, and came across something that would have provided an awesome addition to my 'Party-Post' at Threadless. I thought this was hilarious.

Sadly, I will not be buying it this time since VCR will be back in the next 4 days, and these guys take 13 days to ship. Maybe, next time.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Spelling...

... contest has only attracted four entries so far....

Tangled, The Alcoholic Crocodile and StopKidding. Here...

The fourth entry? Well, it isn't really an official entry in the strict sense of the word since the entrants hardly entered it, but you can read about Tiger Woods's Steak here.

Blr Bytes pointed me to Office 2007, which might be designed to deprive me of my little joys.

No more tries?

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Tale of Two...

... Successors - JD Fortune and Daniel Craig.

I'll admit it. I did start off viewing both these gentlemen as imposters - hustlers who had not ascended-to but had been-placed-on exalted thrones, by deep pockets and the lure of fast commercial gain.

When I heard of Rockstar INXS, I was annoyed. I'm no avid INXS fan, but have heard a lot of their music and am partial to them. Michael Hutchence was almost a rock god. He had it all going - hot girlfriends, screen presence and a lifestyle to match. He wrote some groovy songs. He WAS INXS. Whenever I occasionally watched the show, Dave Navarro did a superlative job of putting me off. I made a face when JD Fortune finally won. Oh whatever, I don't care, it's a sham anyhow.

I loved Pierce Brosnan as 007. Yes, yes. I know Connery is the only James Bond ever, Dalton is Fleming's favourite and Pierce Brosnan has his truckload of detractors, but I've always liked the guy. He was born to play Bond - I've felt since the days when I used to watch Remington Steele avidly. Even though I thought most of the recent Bond movies sucked for the most part, I thought Brosnan fitted into the role like a good suit. When I read of James Blonde, I was aghast. I visited hate-sites. I watched Layer Cake and tut-tutted.

And then, some weeks back, on the spur-of-the-moment, I ignored Jam-master Jakkur's advice - "They're old wrinkled old midlife-crisis rockers man". I went and watched INXS perform at Palace Grounds. No, they didn't blow my mind - it was an average show. But they entertained. The band seemed really old and woefully out of place. (Old has nothing to do with it. The Rolling Stones in 2004 were old too, but rocked my ya-yas) . But they enjoyed themselves. They are musicians after all, and Hutchence moving on stopped them from performing, which I assume, is what they do and enjoy the most. This was their big chance again.

And Fortune - he tried hard, I'll admit. He sang hard and strong. He's no Hutchence, and has a long way to go. But, the two new songs, Pretty Vegas and Afterglow were good efforts. There might be some hope, I thought, as I navigated the post-concert traffic.

Last week, I caught Bond 21. I'll say this - IMHO it's probably the best Bond movie of the decade so far. Like DhoomK2 said, it's like a long trailer, interspersed with mushy scenes. But it's fun.

I've reminded myself that I'm not against change. Craig and Fortune are brave men, walking a tightrope over the abyss of endless comparison with their predecessor(s) who had made the role(s) their own. There is much commercial success on the back of established 'franchises' at the other end. It's a high-risk shortcut. They seem to be backed by strong production teams and large bankrolls. One, if not both, might make it. I'm watching with an open mind.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


... is a multi-faceted word in our country today.

The Corp'Ho and I were discussing this the other day, and we came up with quite a few different uses of the word.

Bihar and probably all of UP: Any group of people. It's used in greetings, for instance...
"Kaa PARTY, kidhar ja rahe ho?"

Customer(s) for services (broker, 'agent', bhai, lady of the night, etc)...
Desperate House-hunter: Hello! Hello! Irfan Bhai!
Broker: Haylo! Diwakar Sa'ab! Bolo!
Desperate House-hunter: Kute tumi? Woh ghar dekhna tha abhi!
Broker: Sa'ab abhi to nahi hoga, PARTY ke saath hoon, kal karte hain!

ANY outing or celebration or even just plain lunch. e.g....
Bunty: Challo ji, kal PARTY kartey hain
Nicky Singh: Be'encho
Bobby: Haan haan, kaafi din ho gaye PARTY kiye huey
Nicky Singh: Be'encho
Pinku: PVR chalein?
Nicky Singh: Be'encho

THE PARTY. For instance...
"Aamar chchele to PARTY korchche aajkal"
Literally: My son's doing party these days
Actually: He's working/campaigning/striking for the CPI(M)

Bangalore: A party (duh) like the one with Shorty and Bacardi. Like...
"Hey dude, let's PARTY man"
"Yo man, this PARTY is rockin or what"

Chennai: An identifier to one's behavorial antecedents. i.e. (updated with feedback)
Selvan: Innada machi. How is that Rajesh doing these days?
Palanivel: Nothing da. He's a Tanni-PARTY only - Always taking drinks.
Selvan: Thoo!
Palanivel: Anyway, I heard your cousin Kiruba is getting married. How's the boy?
Selvan: He's good da. Sound-PARTY we found.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


...footage has been obtained by the KQA, and overseas, no less.

Nicholas Parsons
, OBE, radio celebrity from the Beeb, was in Bangalore on Friday (the 17th of November) to cover the activities and doings of the KQA as part of a documentary. Parsons' career has revolved around JAM and other game-shows. He is honorary chairman of the International Quizzing Association, and hosts quizzes himself.

Parsons and his assistant talking to Ochintya and Arul

To facilitate, an invitational open quiz was held (non-ranking) with higher than usual levels of premier-bookshop-coupon-prizes (4000-3000-2000 and 600 for all finalist teams), ostensibly to cover for the uncomfortable Friday evening scheduling. The venue was the venerable Daly Memorial Hall.

The prelims had 25 questions. Nine(!) teams made the cut-off (it was tight) of 13.5 The relatively-short finals included the new-written-format of the theme round, the usual infinite bounce rounds, a complicated 12-question-stage3 connect and a written round on Absolut ads. The quiz-master has posted a selection of questions here.

Overall, questions were mostly cracked, though the themes met with less enthusiasm (only 3 of 9 teams got the stage 2 in the written round, and no one managed the 12-person-connection). WALT(W) led from the first round, having cracked the first theme pretty early, which helped them fight off challenges towards the end.

Before the finals, Mr. Parsons conducted a round of Just-A-Minute, featuring old Bangalore hands such as Darius Sonawala, Jimmy Xavier and Rajesh Meher. He went away pleased at the response, albeit a touch aghast at the 'keen-ness' of the participants to challenge opponents and 'spoil' the JAM.

Parsons 'JAM'ming

1st (140): WALT(W) - Anustup, Ochintya, Mitesh and Mr. Parsons himself, for a little bit (who also contributed the answer to the annoyingly obscure Blenheim question)
2nd (130) : Scientific Progress Goes Boink - Anurakshit, Avinash TN, Ashwin Koneti and Me.
3rd (95) : Mustafa - Debashree, Vijay, Lahar and Nandakumar

My personal favourite crack - being to only one to GUESS the Absolut dedication shown below. Read more here. We were in second place from round one - the effort towards the end wasn't good enough to beat WALT(W)'s early lead. Good to see regulars such as Mihir and Siddhartha after a while. I was delighted to hear that one Leslie Matthew, whose music writing I've enjoyed since the days of Gentleman, is in Bangalore now, and will probably turn up at a quiz sometime. I'm looking forward to see what he looks like.

Also posted on the KQA Blog.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

El Diablo...

...was probably Brian Azzarello's first shot at a multi-part 'western' comic.

I'd mentioned Brian-'100 Bullets'-Azarello's Loveless late last year. I continue to follow his tale of western revenge, set sometime after the American Civil War. As Dilettante puts it, it's rather disturbing, and beautifully drawn.

Last week, I happened to come across an earlier western story in four parts written by Azzarello, and drawn by the Croatian Daniejl Zelelj. You can see the makings of Loveless in El Diablo (2001, Vertigo), a short tale packed with more twists than a mountain road.

El Diablo is Azzarello stamped all over - every character has shades of grey - there is bountiful sex and violence - guns blaze and bodies fly - and the finale is a twisted bastard child of Sergio Leone and Roald Dahl. It does sufficient justice to the 'western' genre too, with saloon shootings, 'injuns', hangings and horses.

Recommended read, if you like your comics pulpy and clever at the same time. Definitely read, if you like either 100 Bullets or Loveless.

Two Sundays...

... back, I was helping out at the Bangalore round of KQA's annual Jack Kilby Science & Technology Quiz. This was the fourth time that this was held.

A report written for the KQA blog...

The St. John's auditorium on Sunday (5th November, 2006) was witness to one of KQA's fastest growing annual quizzes, the Jack Kilby Science & Technology Quiz, for students between the 8th and 10th grades. The quiz has reached it's fourth edition, propelled by the enthusiasm and deep-ish pockets of the Texas Instruments Foundation, with Ochintya Sharma conducting it regularly. This year, it was held at four venues.

352 teams turned up to have a go at the supremely attractive prizes. The national winner gets to visit NASA and a TI fab-lab in Houston. Each of the regional winners won themselves robotics kits, and runners-up and finalists won various other prizes including book-vouchers, telescopes and digital cameras.

Ochintya Sharma (WALT(W) and KQA president) conducted as always, and succeeded in providing a balance of work-out-able and clever questions which kept the scoring tight and the capacity-audience hooked till the end. His frequent advice on 'how life and quizzing luck is' notwithstanding. NPS kept up it's record of being placed in the top three for every year.

The Chennai round was held on the 10th at the
Kumararaja Muthiah Hall in RA Puram. 567 teams participated, and the 1200-capacity hall had people squatting in aisles, I'm told.

The Delhi round, followed by the finals, was held on the 14th
Sriram Centre for Art and Culture. The turnout was restricted due to a smaller-sized auditorium. DPS, RK Puram ended up winners of the Delhi round from the 125-odd schools.

The finals were tightly contested between the Bangalore and Chennai teams, with the Bangalore team making it through as winners in the end.

Sriharsha V. Bhat and Mayukh Samanta of National Public School, Indirangar (yay?)
Abhijith K. Anil and Milind M. Rao of Presidency School, R.T. Nagar
Pavan S. Bharadwaj and Mayank M. Kowahik of Sri Kumaran's Childrens' Home

V. Sreevatsan and V. Prashant of SRDF Vivekananda Vidyalaya
2nd: Sanjith Gopalakrishnan and K. Varun of P.S. Senior Secondary School
3rd: Ashwath Rabindranath and Akshay Rangamani of Vidya Mandir, Royapettah

1st: Shubham Prakhar and Sidharth G of DPS, RK Puram
2nd: Kshitij Lauria and Aishwarya of Amity International
Jyotesh Singh and Angad Uberoi of St. Columba's

1st: NPS, Indiranagar (Bangalore)
SRDF Vivekananda Vidyalaya (Chennai)
3rd: DPS, RK Puram (Delhi)

Other Coverage
The report in The Hindu about the Bangalore round here (scroll down)
The Chennai round (read the report from The Hindu here.)

Friday, November 03, 2006


...Spelling can be an involving exercise. Here's a contest for y'all.

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox has an inbuilt spell-check. It (gently?) underlines a wrong spelling into any text that you enter into a browser window. For instance, this blog-post. Which reminds me of a bit of entertainment I had for myself back in the days when we were just getting used to word processors and spelling checks.

Often, I go all OCD over bad spelling. And in a job that requires a lot of e-mail and documentation to be sent out across various seas, I need to double careful. But there is a category of bad spelling I derive much amusement from. It' not talking Byk Puncher Repear kind of bad spelling. Or worse spellings of our vernacular tongues (like this). That stuff is just plain funny.

I'm talking about the kind of bad spelling that bypasses spell-checks. A 'their' instead of a 'there' or instance. Or a 'no' instead of a 'know'. I've often tried writing sentences which are essentially horribly spelled (my spell check tells me spelled is acceptable, but spelt isn't?) but will pass a spell-check by any decent application.

e.g. "Their is know whey the spelling cheque will no the difference"

Contest: Come up with the worst(or best!) paragraph of bad spelling that will not be flagged by the (British) spelling-check. Credit for creativity and length.

Prize: A book or something, probably. There will be one surely, if I get more than 20 entries. The more the entries, the grander I'll try to make the prize. So, spread the word.

Deadline: 28th November, 2006.

Friday, October 20, 2006


... Post 1. A little nap can be a dangerous thing, sometimes.

I have a habit of taking a quick (and sometimes not-so-quick) afternoon nap after lunch, at work. I usually lean back in my chair, and manage to doze off till someone wakes me up with either a query to resolve or just to annoy me.

I've done this for as long as I can remember. Even when I was driving along dusty highways connecting small towns across central India in my previous job, I'd stop for a half-hour in the afternoon below a convenient tree or at a dhaba and catch some z's. I'm a firm believer in the afternoon power-nap. It works as well as coffee does, for me anyway.

My present team has become accustomed to this, after the initial wonder at how comfortably I could sleep (believe me, if I didn't had work to wrap up, I'd sleep longer) in an office chair. They know now that around fifteen or twenty minutes is what I take, and they occasionally ward off unwary passers-by who stray about and might want to stop and gossip. Not on the days that they don't feel kindly towards me, though.

As luck would have it...

Around a year ago, a senior person at the client I worked on then was visiting our office. He was (and still is) the head of the department that we coordinated with, and for all our purposes, was the top man at their end. At that point in time, I sat bang in the middle of the large hall which was the bulk of the workplace. Colleagues, including my boss, my CEO and other teammates, reminded me that I should be a little careful about my 'napping' . I heartily agreed to do my bit to impress the client, and say awake. I was relatively new, and keen to keep the company flag flying high and fluttering.

The day went by, as our top management and big-honcho-man did their thing in the conference room, and I loitered about trying to look busy. Lunchtime came and went. I downed coffee, I walked about, I wasted everyone's time gossiping, I listened to hard rock, and I stuck to my sworn duty of staying awake with all the determination of a mule.

Around four in the evening, I awakened (heh) to the little issue of pending work for the day, and got around to rapidly getting it over with. And this is where I have a fifteen minute memory gap, for some reason.

My CEO, later in the evening after corporate biggie had been seen off, filled in the blank. He was showing bigwiggy around the office, and they chanced upon me doing my thing, spreadeagled all over my chair and workstation, with some light snoring thrown in (coffee makes me do that, sometimes). He instantly pointed me out...
- There, that's Mr. D, he's one of the important people on your account
- Oh really? He seems very comfortable
- Yes, what was I saying about not having enough business from you guys?

No, we haven't lost the account (yet). I continue to have my job.

Images: Scott Adams (Dilbert), Harley Schwadron (9 to 5) and the Pencil Haus.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Nobel...

...Peace Prize goes to Muhammad Yunus.

Without taking anything away from his achievement, I can't help wonder if he should have won the Nobel Prize for Economics. I mean his efforts are more economics than peace, no? Yes, I know it's all related and blah, but you know...

Anyhow, I'm unable to dig up a proper source (and it could well be urban legend), but someone (I can't recollect who) told me that Yunus, in an interview, was asked what he would do to make the World Bank more effective. He said he would start with making Dhaka (or some similar third world city) the headquarters, closer to the action, instead of a spiffy glass building in Washington.

Take a bow, Mr. Yunus.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Rock, ...

... Paper, Scissors World Championships are going to be held soon (November 11th, to be precise).

This is good. Really.

RPS (Rock-Paper-Scissors, duh) is like a far bigger PHENOMENON than I (or even you, who're you kidding) imagined. Going by the world champions for the last 4 years, the Americans and Canadians seem to be dominating, presently. I think we can do something about that. Seriously.

Anyhow, RPS is so interesting, I feel like pasting the entire wikipedia entry. For instance, it's said to have originated in Japan. There are common cheating strategies like duping with a Paper fake. And there's even a Federal Case that was decided once. The side-blotched lizard Uta stansburiana also has an evolutionary strategy based on some sort of biological RPS.

That's the 2005 bronze medallist, Stewart Waldman. Freaky costume. Nice technique, though.

Like I say, you learn something everyday. Thanks to the Piglet for this one.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The News...

...papers today ALL have pictures of children earning bread. Every front page seems to have something to retort to the new ruling on Child Labour.

I had this (only vaguely related) cartoon saved up.

I'm not sure how effective the ruling will be, but I still feel the bigger issue is primary education. I'd imagine that the almighty mai-baap government could tackle a variety of issues from reservations in colleges to child labour if they did something effective about primary education at a grass-roots level. And when I say 'tackle', I mean 'solve', not 'win short term brownies'. Of course, primary education might not be as strong a vote-bank move as reservations. Which, I guess, is the sad part.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


... this is Sparta!"

300 is going to release soon. Do check out the trailer out here.

Frank Miller's 300 is a movie now (almost). It's one of my favourite Frank Miller/Lynn Varley creations - it's a graphic retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC- and I'm excited to see it as a movie. It's been shot Sin City style (traditional real actors alongwith loads of CG), and I'm hoping it will be fun.

I can imagine that making a movie from a graphic novel, and a Miller/Varley one at that, should be easier than making a movie out of a book or script. It's like having a ready (and audience tested) storyboard with all the visual assistance one can use. But I suppose some element of surprise is also lost - I would have expected it to look like this. The trailer makes it seem that they've stuck to Miller's imagery quite faithfully (Sin City comparisons here). The final movie will let us know for sure, of course.

Check out the production blog here.

Monday, October 09, 2006


... Google finally bought YouTube, after trying out with it's own Google Video endeavour, which one must admit, never really took off. It's official: 1.65 Billion smackers.

Jay Leno was wondering last evening if it's going to be called GooTube. You might expect some more trashy humour about this, soon.

I found this seemingly good article about why it's a bad idea.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Big Fake...

... Boobies are like life-savers.

They saved someone in a car accident in Sofia one of these days. Size 40DD Ones. They 'acted like airbags' and saved her vital organs from impact. Or so they say here.

Also, in the recent skirmish in the Middle East, someone was saved from a rocket attack.

Surprisingly, someone wanted to sell theirs on eBay.

And, "The consistency of gummy bears has been proposed as ideal for breast implants. "Gummy Bear breast implants" have been on the market since 2005." Which is wha tit says on a Wikipedia post.

I don't know what to say. Maybe some very average cartoons can save the pregnant pause.

By some strange coincidence India Uncut has expressed his desire to be a Fake Boobie Inspector. It's a hilarious post, though.

Friday, September 29, 2006


... to the questions posted a week-or-so back.

1. Trinidad & Tobago (their star forward is actually named Jason Scotland, if you'll believe that)
2. Hyperlink
3. Rakhi Sawant (and not Himesh as some of you guessed)
4. The Penguin Revolution (Also called the March of the Penguins) because of the black and white uniforms
5. Aurora Borealis
6. Popeye, a musical which did horribly at the box office
7. Taxis are Yellow in most countries
8. Keith Richards
9. The stealing of the Edvard Munch paintings, which were recovered recently

Thanks to everyone who tried.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


... these days, I tell you.

Here's a cartoon to back up this post about this story on India Uncut.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Corporate Jargon...

... has been a topic of a recent chain of posts, all the way from the Corporate Ho's two posts (1,2) to Prufrock to DhoomK2.

My addition by way of some cartoons.... (including the classic Action Item strip by Neil McAllister)

I seemed to have misplaced some more that I'd collected. I'll add them when I can.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


... questions from the KQA Collegiate Quiz that I had conducted for teams of three a Saturday ago on the 9th, at the Daly Memorial Hall. I'm posting a selection.

For the record, we had a pretty decent turnout, more than 25 teams if I'm not mistaken. The selection for the last team in the finals got a little hairy with some random rules like "not more than two teams from the same college in the final and so on". While I don't really back such rules, I will admit that they do serve some purpose. An NLS team won, followed by an RVCE team which got pipped-to-the-post in a tie-breaker. IIM-B came in third.

I have to add that it's nice to see more women in quiz teams that qualify/win. I believe it's a good sign. No, I'm not being sidey. It's all for the greater good of quizzing. Because I think the "babe theory of political movements" applies well beyond political movements. But we shan't dwell on ideology now.

The questions follow. Send in answers. I'll post them sometime.

01. Scotland did not make it to the last soccer world cup. However, many Scots, (including the 'Tartan Army') publicly backed another country. Possible reasons include the fact that this country was an underdog, and they would play England, who are the Scots' arch-rivals. Also, seven of the players in this country's national soccer team play in the Scottish Leagues. Which country?

02. ______ cinema is a term which Roger Ebert used to describe the movies which jump between several different unrelated stories that gradually connect to each other. Ebert claimed that the term originated with film critic Alissa Quart. Examples of such movies include Pulp Fiction, Crash and Syriana. Fill in the blank.

03. ______’s first break was in the Suneel Darshan hit Joru Ka Ghulam at the age of 14. _______’s breakthrough film was Chura Liya Hai Tumne in 2003. ______’s father (an ACP with the Mumbai Police) left home due to differences, and now lives alone in a Government apartment, due to differences over the choice of career. Sister Jaya acted in two films, before getting married. Brother Rakesh is awaiting the release of his debut, a career which _______ has funded. Mother Usha acted in one Gujarati film before she gave up acting at her husband's insistence. Who?

04. The 2006 student protest in Chile was a series of ongoing protests carried out by high school students across Chile from late April to early June of 2006. The protests peaked on May 30 when 790,000 students adhered to strikes and marches throughout the country, becoming Chile's largest student demonstration of the past three decades and the first political crisis of president Michelle Bachelet's administration. This was known as the ______ revolution on account of the students' uniforms.

05. What phenomenon is named after the Roman goddess of the dawn, and the Greek name for the north wind?

06. This is a group of rustic and ramshackled wooden buildings located at Anchor Bay in the north-west corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta, two miles from the village of Mellieha. It was originally built as a film set for the production of the 1980 live-action musical feature film _______, produced by Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions, and starring Robin Williams. Today it is open to the public as an open-air museum and family entertainment complex, and is a popular tourist destination. Which box-office flop?

07. John Hertz commissioned a study in 1907 to find out which colour was easiest to spot among many _____. This study led to what convention?

08. Pirates of the Caribbean III will feature, for the first time in the movie-series, Captain Jack Sparrow's father. Who has been persuaded to play the role of Sparrow’s father?

09. This is a photograph of something that happened around a couple of years back. This incident was in the news again a few weeks ago. What incident?

Sunday, September 17, 2006


... post after a long while.

Basically, the 'fans' have been complaining about the lack of posts etc., and I DO have a backlog of stuff...


La Kwonchie (who's birthday it is, today), The Long One and I had this Saturday afternoon free, many noons ago. We were contemplating a variety of things from going here to doing that, but ended up stuffing our faces with some (supposedly) authentic Korean grub. Yes, right here, in your favourite city, at Hae Kum Gang on Castle Street.

My half-cooked views (and only my own) on (authentic) Korean food:

1. Korean food is broadly like other oriental food (read Chinese) but is spicier. Not spicy as in Andhra biriyani spicy, but more like in-your-nose-funnily spicy. But it's spicy.

2. It's skewed towards more fish and pork, and I'm guessing the chicken is mostly for Indian tastes. No, there is no dog on the menu at this place, contrary to what someone asked me.

3. Korean chopsticks are made of metal (often silver) and are sharper. i.e. it's better for gouging out the eyes of your dreaded enemy in kung-fu style than the usual run-of-the-mill Chinese ones (if one is into that sort of thing). So you wouldn't want to f**k with a guy brandishing Korean chopsticks. It also slides into a honeyed potato nicely. From my memory, the Chinese ones aren't so good at that. That's some sort of fried potato thing I'm edging towards:

4. Kimchi is important. I didn't enjoy the stuff they gave here. I'm going to give Kimchi another chance at another place, some other time.

My views about Hae Kum Gang:

1. The food was nice. This is what I had: Rice and Spicy Prawn. I loved it. I successfully navigated the entire meal with the chopsticks. Kwonchie had the fish meal, and the Long One seafood noodles, which had a load of mussels.

2. The decor rocks. In a delightfully kitschy way, with lots of red, green and bamboo. And this bigass fish.

3. It SEEMS to be good value-for-money. The portions are filling, and they do pamper one with a bunch of starters (some of them pictured below). They also gave some sort of dessert which had various fruits in some really tasty sweetish syrup (that's the last photograph below)

Overall, give it a go. I think it's worth the occasional meal.

All photos taken with the camera on my phone.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


... by two people for different things (1 and 2)

Which is why I'm posting. I had been successfully procrastinating the million things I have to post. But some of the people who've tagged me are getting all touchy about it ;)

Anyhoo, here's the SILLY PIG...

It was taken last year by Dhoom2, which is also known as D:2. It's supposed to be the casting coup of the yea.... oh ok.. hang on, that's DhoomK2, also know as DK2. It's not any coup. This was taken in a hotel room overlooking Trinity Circle in Bangalore. Don't ask me anything else. It's supposed to be a funny pic. What's sillier than being bare-chested and having flowers in one's ear?

As for the analytics as to why people visit my blog... can anyone help me how to figure these things out? (Yes, I know how to type things to the google search-bar, only I haven't the time today)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Simply Roaming...

... taking drinks, chumma, buggerrs

I was at Masinagudi over the with the Dilletante and the Crocodile, and have posted some pictures on my Traveblogs post. There's some pictures Dilletante posted on his blog.

It was a good break, we did nothing much except drive around, laze by the river, see a few animals here and there, drive to Ooty and back, and laze some more.

Tiger, tiger, burning bright,
Bala wants to know if he can have a light,
What fearful hand or eye,
Can help him light his 555

(Apologies to William Blake)

In other words, we were "Simply Roaming, Taking Drinks, Chumma. Buggerrs"
Do go check the pictures out.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


... exist in every walk of life, and more so in Quizzing.

I remembered this one fad when I saw the cartoon below. Sometime around 2001 (I think) quizzes in town HAD to have a question on Whistler's Mother. The fad has (thankfully) died out. I remember this one quiz where there was one team or the other guessing Whistler's Mother in every round.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fitty Fie...

... word Fiction time.

Bangalore Bytes, Chamique and Recluse have made an informal 55-word-fiction chain. I decided to crash the party too. Here goes my fifty five paise...

She looked sort of hot (in an Asian way), though not friendly. That made him think. In the end he decided to give it a go, anyhow.

"May I borrow your vaseline, please? It's dry in here"

He added a friendly but restrained smile for effect. She looked around uncomfortably. He tried to look cool.

Something on the same lines (minus the brevity) was tried earlier. This was back in the day when blogs were just starting to become popular, around late 2004. The "project" died out, I guess, when things became harder to connect and got out of hand. Gulp!, it was called. Check it out here.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I Know...

... I know, I've been missing.

But lately, given the amount of fire-fighting I'm indulging in at work, I feel like Calvin's dad (below).

There you go, classic 'ol me. Crib - don't say much of use to anyone - post cartoon.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


... met (with) rules still hanging.

The much debated 'Helmet Rule' is becoming funny now. While most other cities in India make helmets compulsory, Karnataka has been 'debating' this for a while now. This debate is well over a decade old now, I think.

Recently, the state government (again) introduced a law making helmets compulsory for both riders and pillion. However, the opposition has wondered why we need helmets when traffic moves at a snail's pace, thus slowing down the passing of the rule. While googling, I discovered that there is also actually a campaign AGAINST helmets! Can't people find a real cause for a change?

Monday, July 24, 2006


... from the best film-makers.

A while back, by a simple twist of fate, I watched two different movies spun around grown men that cross-dress. They’re from different eras, with very different premises and with very different styles. Also, they’ve both won their Oscars etc, and raked in sufficient box-office moolah. I enjoyed both movies myself, too.

But, from both movies, what I’ve learnt (since I make it a point to learn something everyday) includes some things that I didn’t know about womankind…

1. Women incessantly shave their legs, sometimes twice a day. It’s also the biggest feminine thing any man can do, evidently. Once you’ve shaved your legs, you’re in.

2. Women get pinched/hit-upon however butt-ugly they are, even if they are ugly as men.

There you go, there’s learning everywhere. Even from Sydney Pollack’s Tootsie (1982) and Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot (1959).

Friday, July 21, 2006


... photographs have been put up at my latest Traveblogs post.

Do take a look, now that blogspot SEEMS to be back up.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Ban...

... on blogspot seems to be on.

A lot has been written and tried thus far. Go see this and that for more.

If in India, and you can use certain gateways to read blogs, or use your RSS feeds.

All of this is quite annoying, and seems to be against our fundamental right to expression. I hope this resolves itself before it all goes out of hand.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I Can...

... post but I cannot access any blogs.

I hear the Indian govenment has banned blogspot, which is sort of hard to believe.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


... is a lovely thing. And I admire people for going ahead on their own in spite of all the bureaucracy.

I recently bumped into an old classmate from school. He'd done this and that since he left. But now, he has his own recruitment agency, and employs like six or seven people! quite kicked he was, saying that it's a great feeling to be responsible for salaries every month.

And of course, there is 'ol Pichchi, from my business school. He gave up his decent consulting job to open his own grocery store in Faridabad. I looked him up when I was in Delhi earlier this year. His OWN shop!!! Pictures below.

Go entreprenuership.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


... demand has forced me to post something. Or maybe not.

Anyhow, my continuing battle with digital photographic equipment continues, except that this time I've managed to wangle a cable that connects my phone to my computer. Can you believe that a simple cable as that costs 1800 rupees? Anyhow, someone at work has a cable, and the result of that will manifest itself in blogposts to come.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


... boy and the Corporate Whore should enjoy this one.

Math-boy has gone underground, but I hope he's reading this while doing his P-fucking-Hd in MATH!! And of course, we don't know if it's a good pick up line or a surefire scare-the-women-away thing. Corp'ore of course uses it to his own benefit, "I know someone who's doing a Math Phd..."

I know there has been some amount of recent negative feedback regarding excessive cartoons, but I lost most of my snaps AND the vinchi code cartoon got some rave reviews...

I'd like to take this opportunity to present to you Kevin Cornell, whose excellent illustration blog, Bearskinrug, I have become an avid fan of (above cartoon filched from there). I find his sense of humour awesome. One of these days, I'll probably even buy those books of his. Maybe next week I'll post some of my favorite Mojo and Ambidextrous strips. But till then drop in and check it out. I recommend it highly.


... back. (a few days ago, actually)

From some amount of hectic travel

Depressed that I've lost a whole bunch of photographs due to some freak combination of my own stupidity and the camera designer's stupidity

But there were moments
Which will now be unpunctuated by photographs
And only remain (con?)textual...

Belting some ROCKING chinese food in Atlanta
Renting a Ford Mustang 2005 CONVERTIBLE
Irish-Car bombs
Jager bombs
Getting to RIP the backseat off of a Ford Mustang 2005 amidst desperate attempts to open the trunk without keys, since the 'hero' locked the keys in the trunk (convertibles cannot have trunk opening lever things under the dash)
Belting some ROCKING mexican food in Atlanta
Riding the (supposedly) world's steepest 'inclined railway'
Twisting ankle trying to water-ski (really)
That air-hostess on DL8587 (man, whattabum)
Wild boar roulade filled with herbs and juniper fruit on Bombay gin and honey mousse served with beetroot and plum potato dumplings
Feather meringue Pavlova gateau
Bigos mysliwski with chlebie (recipe here)
Warsaw's old town

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cannot Resist...

... putting this one up, however much I'm dying of work.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Da Code...

... cartoons make me winch in joy.

I'd thought I'd post these after I watched the movie and found a valid reason to trash it. But, given my week ahead, that's unlikely. So here goes..