Monday, January 30, 2006


... of the press?

I was reading something completely unrelated, and tripped upon stuff about the RFS (Reporters Sans Frontiers, or Reporters Without Borders).

They have this index called the Worldwide Press Freedom Index. India is ranked 106 on this index (while most of Scandinavia is at 1). I hadn't imagined it to be so bad. Of course I might also doubt the index and its basis. The bottom of the table has the usual suspects, such as China, Iraq, Iran, Burma and Cuba and all.

It's funded partly by the US State Department and the French Government, and a Cuban liberation society (or something). I can't help wonder if such donations might bias things. (Yes, I did notice that the USA is at 44, and France at 30 on their index)

Among other interesting things is their publication, something called the Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents. Download it here in case you're into that sort of thing.

(I think it's ironic that the Blogspot spellcheck function doesn't recognise Blogger as a word)

Friday, January 27, 2006

In The News...

I was pointed to this from another blog, DRAWN, which, by the way, has been nominated for the Bloggies this year. (I saw India Uncut and Waiter Rant also, in other categories)

Anyhow, so this dude, who is a cartoonist, gets burgled, and draws a caricature, and the burglar is caught and identified with his caricature. Read all about it here.


Blogposts ago, I had recommended the redoubtable 'Curry Story' (which was pointed out to me by the Long One) in Vasanthnagar, in that lane opposite Mount Carmel College.

I was there earlier this afternoon, and it was closed. It was closed in a frightening final sort of way. What's sadder is that I've quite forgotten the flavour of Mrs Whoever's East-Indian Bottle-Masala Chicken, a dish so exotic, that even the Piglet, who's East-Indian, hadn't heard of it. That's East-Indian, with a hyphen, as opposed to East Indian, which I can try and qualify to be.

Sad, what? I hope it's just being renovated and will open again, sometime, someplace.

Monday, January 23, 2006


...absolutely nothing.

I have nothing to blog about, while wild clamouring fans are reminding me to update posts and counting days since my last one. Also, one must note that these comments are all anonymous, which means that they could all be the good 'ol Mr Hyde me. Don't ask me, I don't really know, that's the whole Jekyll-Hyde thing, see...

So I thought I'd put in my first post of the year before things go awry (I think I heard Eminem's Stan on the radio last night, and imagined the same thing happening to some fan of my blog (Ha! (Jekyl-Hyde style remarks being passed within these brackets (BODMAS and all))))

The year thus far hasn't not been less uneventful. After you figure out the quadruple negatives in that, I'll recap...

- New Year's Party... ended up at some random farmhouse in Yelahanka, didn't really enjoy it for a variety of reasons, while Mr. Mx was in G'Pule. At least the sister had fun.

- Relentless amount of work thanks to one particular client. At least he's happy with the output.

- Weekend in Mahabalipuram... The 'ol annual H family outing. Was far better than expected since THEY let me gambol in the sea (yes, dear women fans, topless) in the sun, and didn't make me gape at random temples. Finished a Raymond Chandler (Playback) on the deck chairs in the beach when I wasn't in the sea. BADLY sun-burnt my face, shoulders and back. Photos will be up sometime. Or not.

- Trek... Got DRAGGED on a trek to Savanadurga the last Saturday by The Long One and some of her friends. Wasn't allowed to sulk or crib. It wasn't so bad also, actually, except for the sun and the walking and all.

And I'll conclude with a photo from last year. This was taken with my phone during a 'moment' from a meeting-room window at work.