Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fit for...

... Unfit.


So, I came upon this comic strip (not started very long back) called 'Unfit', by this dude called Mike Belkin. Take a look at it here. It has it's moments.

Scott Adams is plugging this strip big time. "Most talented strip in ages" etc. kind of plugging. He ran a contest on his blog inviting new artists to draw Unfit so Mr. Belkin can write and give directions from his bar stool, whilst drinking his choiciest beverages. The entries for this contest are in.

Check out the submissions. I liked Jerry King (#1), Dave Kellet (#8), Krishna Sadasivam (#12), Dale Braden (#16), Stan Yan (#20), Wayne Oram (#21), and Todd Machen (#74). As Adams mentioned, some serious talent shining through and all that.

Be that as may.

Apropos Belkin, the conspiracy theory is that it's just Scott Adams messing with the public. I'm not even sure a real Mike Belkin exists, and if he does, whether he's not Adams' milkman. Either way, there's definitely a lot of Scott Adams in Unfit with the smartass animals and the dry self-deprecating humour. Adams, of course, is playing it down by mentioning that "he's been working with Belkin to tighten up the writing". Indeed!

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