Monday, March 27, 2006


... has a finality about it which is disarming. You can't react to it. You can't fight, strategise, plan, think, or figure your way out. Everything that's done after, is a social grace, nothing more.

I walk into office (stuffed to here with some greasy sausages) today, and I hear of the demise of Vishnu, a colleague. Of a cardiac arrest. At the same age as I. He got married a month or so back. I knew him to be a genuine cheerful friendly sort.

It's so shocking, that I don't know what to say or think. I work at a small place and it's stunned the entire workplace.

Here's to the memory of Vishnu.

But, there's something seriously amiss. Everyone I speak to not feeling good, people are home-sick, unwell, fed-up, disgusted, head-ached, unhappy... there's definitely something wrong in the air.

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