Saturday, April 22, 2006

Quizzing Innovations...

... once again.

This weekend (earlier today, really) was the only KQA quizzing weekend of the month. The good Doctor's untimely death contributed to the Lone Wolf etc being postponed.

Both quizzes today were, relatively speaking at least, innovative. First up, was Arul's quiz on "Love, Sex & Perversion", which if nothing else, was thoroughly entertaining. The quiz was refreshing good fun for a Saturday morning. Though Nannie and I made a mess of it in the finals, competitively speaking.

But the next one, the open quiz for teams of four was, in my opinion, a admirable move. The Ruckus Tangdi Open, as it's called, is truly an example of what, to me, KQA quizzing stands for - quizzing for the sake of it, as opposed to commercial trash (a la Derek etc) or RG-ish competition. I have nothing against competition really (it's all good I say) but I just like the fact that the lower prize monies and general camaraderie make quizzing at the KQA very enjoyable. In this regard, I wanted to expand/respond/contribute to Cow's thought on Quizzing (though in a slightly different context), but I'll do so after I gather my thoughts on it, since I feel this is something that should be discussed and written about in proper detail.

Sorry, back to the Ruckus Tangdi. (Ruckus Tangdi was some village which held out against someone in some theatre of battle; I forget the details). So there we were, Nannie, Thatha and I, having found a fourth teammate after much searching, and the moment every team had registered, they do some random number shit on everyone's names and shuffle all the teams to form new four-member teams. There were some resultant inequities (I ended up in a less experienced team, some big guns got bunched together, etc). However, on the whole, everyone had fun, I felt. The scores were very tight (three teams, including mine, lost out on stars). The finals too were tightly fought. It's probably not something I'd want every time, but it's definitely an interesting twist.

Oh, and please don't ask me for all the questions and some such. All of you who know me also know of my pathetic memory. I'll be happy if I remember the correct answers the next time any of the questions turn up. (Yes Kwonch, Diana Ross - Donna Summer, won't forget that one again). At best, if I can, I'll filch the ppt files from the concerned people and get them to you.


dhoomketu said...

By the way, today in Pune, a Delhi quizzer won the first prize!!

Anonymous said...


What's this bullcrap of Delhi being the hot-spot of quizzing in India? Dude, someone needs to speak for Blore, for God's sake.


foox said...

Nice Blog.
Best wishes from Israel.
Keep posting.

riemann1 said...

wtf..i type 'ruckus' in google and get lotsa hits..same for 'tangdi'..type in both and get ONE your blog no're now the official pr man of ruckus tangdi then

Mr. D said...

ah, well.. c'est la vie. the KQA has announced that there will be another such ruckus happening, but no one will be informed till the day, including the quizmaster himself/herself.

Anonymous said...

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