Wednesday, May 03, 2006


... in a glass, upside-down.

Photo by D, Art Direction by Kow. With a Nokia 6230i, late evening. Ambient room light. Model provided by the ITC Windsor Manor Sheraton.

Artist Comments: We were preparing for the Annual K & D KQA Open, in K's room at the Windsor Manor (where his firm and company had accomodated him that evening), when this cockroach made itself visible. We entertained ourselves by chasing it around for some minutes, before finally capturing it under a glass, having injured the tough guy. Some amount of white goo was spilt too, in the process.

Disclaimer: The frikkin animal was greviously injured in the making of this. (This time, the PETA can kiss my ass, especially Yana Gupta)
All Rights Reserved, The Other Side... 2006.


mohayana said...

Try this -
Get a live cockroach .
Nuke it .
Observe results.

maverick said...

Murderers! ;) I think Kau's back to work, his average posts are less than 2 a day nowadays! ;)