Thursday, June 29, 2006


... boy and the Corporate Whore should enjoy this one.

Math-boy has gone underground, but I hope he's reading this while doing his P-fucking-Hd in MATH!! And of course, we don't know if it's a good pick up line or a surefire scare-the-women-away thing. Corp'ore of course uses it to his own benefit, "I know someone who's doing a Math Phd..."

I know there has been some amount of recent negative feedback regarding excessive cartoons, but I lost most of my snaps AND the vinchi code cartoon got some rave reviews...

I'd like to take this opportunity to present to you Kevin Cornell, whose excellent illustration blog, Bearskinrug, I have become an avid fan of (above cartoon filched from there). I find his sense of humour awesome. One of these days, I'll probably even buy those books of his. Maybe next week I'll post some of my favorite Mojo and Ambidextrous strips. But till then drop in and check it out. I recommend it highly.


... back. (a few days ago, actually)

From some amount of hectic travel

Depressed that I've lost a whole bunch of photographs due to some freak combination of my own stupidity and the camera designer's stupidity

But there were moments
Which will now be unpunctuated by photographs
And only remain (con?)textual...

Belting some ROCKING chinese food in Atlanta
Renting a Ford Mustang 2005 CONVERTIBLE
Irish-Car bombs
Jager bombs
Getting to RIP the backseat off of a Ford Mustang 2005 amidst desperate attempts to open the trunk without keys, since the 'hero' locked the keys in the trunk (convertibles cannot have trunk opening lever things under the dash)
Belting some ROCKING mexican food in Atlanta
Riding the (supposedly) world's steepest 'inclined railway'
Twisting ankle trying to water-ski (really)
That air-hostess on DL8587 (man, whattabum)
Wild boar roulade filled with herbs and juniper fruit on Bombay gin and honey mousse served with beetroot and plum potato dumplings
Feather meringue Pavlova gateau
Bigos mysliwski with chlebie (recipe here)
Warsaw's old town

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cannot Resist...

... putting this one up, however much I'm dying of work.