Thursday, July 13, 2006


... is a lovely thing. And I admire people for going ahead on their own in spite of all the bureaucracy.

I recently bumped into an old classmate from school. He'd done this and that since he left. But now, he has his own recruitment agency, and employs like six or seven people! quite kicked he was, saying that it's a great feeling to be responsible for salaries every month.

And of course, there is 'ol Pichchi, from my business school. He gave up his decent consulting job to open his own grocery store in Faridabad. I looked him up when I was in Delhi earlier this year. His OWN shop!!! Pictures below.

Go entreprenuership.


wimpy said...

strong stuff da

unlike what I thought a couple of years back (and what most people think), i'm slowly realizing there are a few people from NPS who don't tread the trodden path.

and the retail thing is also good stuff. how many stores does the guy run now?

Mr. D said...

@wimp: hey, NPS may suck, the people don't, I'll assure you. Can't vouch for the trash that comes out of it these days though.

Pichchi just started this year, I'll say he'll have a chain by 2010 for sure. He's immensely enterprising.

maverick said...

nice to see pics of Pichchi in his store...he's come a long way from selling bottled water!

Anonymous said...

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