Thursday, August 31, 2006

Simply Roaming...

... taking drinks, chumma, buggerrs

I was at Masinagudi over the with the Dilletante and the Crocodile, and have posted some pictures on my Traveblogs post. There's some pictures Dilletante posted on his blog.

It was a good break, we did nothing much except drive around, laze by the river, see a few animals here and there, drive to Ooty and back, and laze some more.

Tiger, tiger, burning bright,
Bala wants to know if he can have a light,
What fearful hand or eye,
Can help him light his 555

(Apologies to William Blake)

In other words, we were "Simply Roaming, Taking Drinks, Chumma. Buggerrs"
Do go check the pictures out.


corporate whore said...

simply roaming... taking drinks....taking drinks...taking drugs...buggers...

vcr said...

congratulations! for winning your battle with the camera and managing to keep all the pictures this time.

blr bytes said...

So where was lunch in Ooty? And what did you eat?

blr bytes said...