Friday, September 29, 2006


... to the questions posted a week-or-so back.

1. Trinidad & Tobago (their star forward is actually named Jason Scotland, if you'll believe that)
2. Hyperlink
3. Rakhi Sawant (and not Himesh as some of you guessed)
4. The Penguin Revolution (Also called the March of the Penguins) because of the black and white uniforms
5. Aurora Borealis
6. Popeye, a musical which did horribly at the box office
7. Taxis are Yellow in most countries
8. Keith Richards
9. The stealing of the Edvard Munch paintings, which were recovered recently

Thanks to everyone who tried.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


... these days, I tell you.

Here's a cartoon to back up this post about this story on India Uncut.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Corporate Jargon...

... has been a topic of a recent chain of posts, all the way from the Corporate Ho's two posts (1,2) to Prufrock to DhoomK2.

My addition by way of some cartoons.... (including the classic Action Item strip by Neil McAllister)

I seemed to have misplaced some more that I'd collected. I'll add them when I can.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


... questions from the KQA Collegiate Quiz that I had conducted for teams of three a Saturday ago on the 9th, at the Daly Memorial Hall. I'm posting a selection.

For the record, we had a pretty decent turnout, more than 25 teams if I'm not mistaken. The selection for the last team in the finals got a little hairy with some random rules like "not more than two teams from the same college in the final and so on". While I don't really back such rules, I will admit that they do serve some purpose. An NLS team won, followed by an RVCE team which got pipped-to-the-post in a tie-breaker. IIM-B came in third.

I have to add that it's nice to see more women in quiz teams that qualify/win. I believe it's a good sign. No, I'm not being sidey. It's all for the greater good of quizzing. Because I think the "babe theory of political movements" applies well beyond political movements. But we shan't dwell on ideology now.

The questions follow. Send in answers. I'll post them sometime.

01. Scotland did not make it to the last soccer world cup. However, many Scots, (including the 'Tartan Army') publicly backed another country. Possible reasons include the fact that this country was an underdog, and they would play England, who are the Scots' arch-rivals. Also, seven of the players in this country's national soccer team play in the Scottish Leagues. Which country?

02. ______ cinema is a term which Roger Ebert used to describe the movies which jump between several different unrelated stories that gradually connect to each other. Ebert claimed that the term originated with film critic Alissa Quart. Examples of such movies include Pulp Fiction, Crash and Syriana. Fill in the blank.

03. ______’s first break was in the Suneel Darshan hit Joru Ka Ghulam at the age of 14. _______’s breakthrough film was Chura Liya Hai Tumne in 2003. ______’s father (an ACP with the Mumbai Police) left home due to differences, and now lives alone in a Government apartment, due to differences over the choice of career. Sister Jaya acted in two films, before getting married. Brother Rakesh is awaiting the release of his debut, a career which _______ has funded. Mother Usha acted in one Gujarati film before she gave up acting at her husband's insistence. Who?

04. The 2006 student protest in Chile was a series of ongoing protests carried out by high school students across Chile from late April to early June of 2006. The protests peaked on May 30 when 790,000 students adhered to strikes and marches throughout the country, becoming Chile's largest student demonstration of the past three decades and the first political crisis of president Michelle Bachelet's administration. This was known as the ______ revolution on account of the students' uniforms.

05. What phenomenon is named after the Roman goddess of the dawn, and the Greek name for the north wind?

06. This is a group of rustic and ramshackled wooden buildings located at Anchor Bay in the north-west corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta, two miles from the village of Mellieha. It was originally built as a film set for the production of the 1980 live-action musical feature film _______, produced by Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions, and starring Robin Williams. Today it is open to the public as an open-air museum and family entertainment complex, and is a popular tourist destination. Which box-office flop?

07. John Hertz commissioned a study in 1907 to find out which colour was easiest to spot among many _____. This study led to what convention?

08. Pirates of the Caribbean III will feature, for the first time in the movie-series, Captain Jack Sparrow's father. Who has been persuaded to play the role of Sparrow’s father?

09. This is a photograph of something that happened around a couple of years back. This incident was in the news again a few weeks ago. What incident?

Sunday, September 17, 2006


... post after a long while.

Basically, the 'fans' have been complaining about the lack of posts etc., and I DO have a backlog of stuff...


La Kwonchie (who's birthday it is, today), The Long One and I had this Saturday afternoon free, many noons ago. We were contemplating a variety of things from going here to doing that, but ended up stuffing our faces with some (supposedly) authentic Korean grub. Yes, right here, in your favourite city, at Hae Kum Gang on Castle Street.

My half-cooked views (and only my own) on (authentic) Korean food:

1. Korean food is broadly like other oriental food (read Chinese) but is spicier. Not spicy as in Andhra biriyani spicy, but more like in-your-nose-funnily spicy. But it's spicy.

2. It's skewed towards more fish and pork, and I'm guessing the chicken is mostly for Indian tastes. No, there is no dog on the menu at this place, contrary to what someone asked me.

3. Korean chopsticks are made of metal (often silver) and are sharper. i.e. it's better for gouging out the eyes of your dreaded enemy in kung-fu style than the usual run-of-the-mill Chinese ones (if one is into that sort of thing). So you wouldn't want to f**k with a guy brandishing Korean chopsticks. It also slides into a honeyed potato nicely. From my memory, the Chinese ones aren't so good at that. That's some sort of fried potato thing I'm edging towards:

4. Kimchi is important. I didn't enjoy the stuff they gave here. I'm going to give Kimchi another chance at another place, some other time.

My views about Hae Kum Gang:

1. The food was nice. This is what I had: Rice and Spicy Prawn. I loved it. I successfully navigated the entire meal with the chopsticks. Kwonchie had the fish meal, and the Long One seafood noodles, which had a load of mussels.

2. The decor rocks. In a delightfully kitschy way, with lots of red, green and bamboo. And this bigass fish.

3. It SEEMS to be good value-for-money. The portions are filling, and they do pamper one with a bunch of starters (some of them pictured below). They also gave some sort of dessert which had various fruits in some really tasty sweetish syrup (that's the last photograph below)

Overall, give it a go. I think it's worth the occasional meal.

All photos taken with the camera on my phone.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


... by two people for different things (1 and 2)

Which is why I'm posting. I had been successfully procrastinating the million things I have to post. But some of the people who've tagged me are getting all touchy about it ;)

Anyhoo, here's the SILLY PIG...

It was taken last year by Dhoom2, which is also known as D:2. It's supposed to be the casting coup of the yea.... oh ok.. hang on, that's DhoomK2, also know as DK2. It's not any coup. This was taken in a hotel room overlooking Trinity Circle in Bangalore. Don't ask me anything else. It's supposed to be a funny pic. What's sillier than being bare-chested and having flowers in one's ear?

As for the analytics as to why people visit my blog... can anyone help me how to figure these things out? (Yes, I know how to type things to the google search-bar, only I haven't the time today)