Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Big Fake...

... Boobies are like life-savers.

They saved someone in a car accident in Sofia one of these days. Size 40DD Ones. They 'acted like airbags' and saved her vital organs from impact. Or so they say here.

Also, in the recent skirmish in the Middle East, someone was saved from a rocket attack.

Surprisingly, someone wanted to sell theirs on eBay.

And, "The consistency of gummy bears has been proposed as ideal for breast implants. "Gummy Bear breast implants" have been on the market since 2005." Which is wha tit says on a Wikipedia post.

I don't know what to say. Maybe some very average cartoons can save the pregnant pause.

By some strange coincidence India Uncut has expressed his desire to be a Fake Boobie Inspector. It's a hilarious post, though.

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