Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The News...

...papers today ALL have pictures of children earning bread. Every front page seems to have something to retort to the new ruling on Child Labour.

I had this (only vaguely related) cartoon saved up.

I'm not sure how effective the ruling will be, but I still feel the bigger issue is primary education. I'd imagine that the almighty mai-baap government could tackle a variety of issues from reservations in colleges to child labour if they did something effective about primary education at a grass-roots level. And when I say 'tackle', I mean 'solve', not 'win short term brownies'. Of course, primary education might not be as strong a vote-bank move as reservations. Which, I guess, is the sad part.

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mohayana said...

I'm glad that Mmohan has come out openly against this.(albeit quite late in his day on the kursi)

Sure , primary education is important , but what puts and end to it is often the demand for child labour.

All in all a good sign , even if it has some impact in the short term ,some lives would have changed.