Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Nobel...

...Peace Prize goes to Muhammad Yunus.

Without taking anything away from his achievement, I can't help wonder if he should have won the Nobel Prize for Economics. I mean his efforts are more economics than peace, no? Yes, I know it's all related and blah, but you know...

Anyhow, I'm unable to dig up a proper source (and it could well be urban legend), but someone (I can't recollect who) told me that Yunus, in an interview, was asked what he would do to make the World Bank more effective. He said he would start with making Dhaka (or some similar third world city) the headquarters, closer to the action, instead of a spiffy glass building in Washington.

Take a bow, Mr. Yunus.

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mohayana said...

'tis probably because the economics category has a long line of greying men who are now winning prozes for work they did eons ago.

The current winner said smthin like..."I thought I will be awarded it in my sixties , then seventies...of late I was thinking I will win it in my eighties"

Givin' the old man a surprise?

Anyway , as far as relocating HQ , Chavez might qualify for one , he wants to UN to be in much for the smell of sulphur