Friday, October 20, 2006


... Post 1. A little nap can be a dangerous thing, sometimes.

I have a habit of taking a quick (and sometimes not-so-quick) afternoon nap after lunch, at work. I usually lean back in my chair, and manage to doze off till someone wakes me up with either a query to resolve or just to annoy me.

I've done this for as long as I can remember. Even when I was driving along dusty highways connecting small towns across central India in my previous job, I'd stop for a half-hour in the afternoon below a convenient tree or at a dhaba and catch some z's. I'm a firm believer in the afternoon power-nap. It works as well as coffee does, for me anyway.

My present team has become accustomed to this, after the initial wonder at how comfortably I could sleep (believe me, if I didn't had work to wrap up, I'd sleep longer) in an office chair. They know now that around fifteen or twenty minutes is what I take, and they occasionally ward off unwary passers-by who stray about and might want to stop and gossip. Not on the days that they don't feel kindly towards me, though.

As luck would have it...

Around a year ago, a senior person at the client I worked on then was visiting our office. He was (and still is) the head of the department that we coordinated with, and for all our purposes, was the top man at their end. At that point in time, I sat bang in the middle of the large hall which was the bulk of the workplace. Colleagues, including my boss, my CEO and other teammates, reminded me that I should be a little careful about my 'napping' . I heartily agreed to do my bit to impress the client, and say awake. I was relatively new, and keen to keep the company flag flying high and fluttering.

The day went by, as our top management and big-honcho-man did their thing in the conference room, and I loitered about trying to look busy. Lunchtime came and went. I downed coffee, I walked about, I wasted everyone's time gossiping, I listened to hard rock, and I stuck to my sworn duty of staying awake with all the determination of a mule.

Around four in the evening, I awakened (heh) to the little issue of pending work for the day, and got around to rapidly getting it over with. And this is where I have a fifteen minute memory gap, for some reason.

My CEO, later in the evening after corporate biggie had been seen off, filled in the blank. He was showing bigwiggy around the office, and they chanced upon me doing my thing, spreadeagled all over my chair and workstation, with some light snoring thrown in (coffee makes me do that, sometimes). He instantly pointed me out...
- There, that's Mr. D, he's one of the important people on your account
- Oh really? He seems very comfortable
- Yes, what was I saying about not having enough business from you guys?

No, we haven't lost the account (yet). I continue to have my job.

Images: Scott Adams (Dilbert), Harley Schwadron (9 to 5) and the Pencil Haus.


blr bytes said...

Likewise, but only if I have lunch. I managed to fall asleep against my monitor the other day. Most embarassing...

Dilettante said...

That's one way of bringing in new business. hahaha.