Friday, November 03, 2006


...Spelling can be an involving exercise. Here's a contest for y'all.

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox has an inbuilt spell-check. It (gently?) underlines a wrong spelling into any text that you enter into a browser window. For instance, this blog-post. Which reminds me of a bit of entertainment I had for myself back in the days when we were just getting used to word processors and spelling checks.

Often, I go all OCD over bad spelling. And in a job that requires a lot of e-mail and documentation to be sent out across various seas, I need to double careful. But there is a category of bad spelling I derive much amusement from. It' not talking Byk Puncher Repear kind of bad spelling. Or worse spellings of our vernacular tongues (like this). That stuff is just plain funny.

I'm talking about the kind of bad spelling that bypasses spell-checks. A 'their' instead of a 'there' or instance. Or a 'no' instead of a 'know'. I've often tried writing sentences which are essentially horribly spelled (my spell check tells me spelled is acceptable, but spelt isn't?) but will pass a spell-check by any decent application.

e.g. "Their is know whey the spelling cheque will no the difference"

Contest: Come up with the worst(or best!) paragraph of bad spelling that will not be flagged by the (British) spelling-check. Credit for creativity and length.

Prize: A book or something, probably. There will be one surely, if I get more than 20 entries. The more the entries, the grander I'll try to make the prize. So, spread the word.

Deadline: 28th November, 2006.


blr bytes said...

Then you'll love this, won't you?

Anonymous said...

Deer sir,
You’re post is a reel fined. (I mien it as a complement) What your saying is weather we right the rite word or know, their is know whey the spelling cheque wood no the reel difference? I have bean bold over buy what you rote. I jumped at you’re bate and this is what I have dun. I red this allowed and low! Your write! It is a cymbal of the dissent of the language. If yule allow, may I include you’re post in my lynx?
Thank you.

Reeta Skeeter said...

tangled: lol!!!

Mr.D: wot sorta buk wud b the prize ;)

Mr. D said...

Tangled: Good show.

Reeta: I haven't decided yet. Depends on the number of entries I get.

Anonymous said...

Walking down the rode to circle of diary,
Met Tom, dick and there friend hairy,
Watt is you busyness I did holler,
Buying litter off milk in the pallor,

Hairy was Harry and tom was bear,
Dick was the only won with ‘know’ hare
I said, deer, go to the maul
And have a bawl
They have a sail
For both girl and mail

stopkidding said...

is it knot obvious that eye do knot knead to Wynn yore competition two show yew that eye can knot spell. What use is yore book two me if eye can knot reed it?