Wednesday, November 15, 2006

El Diablo...

...was probably Brian Azzarello's first shot at a multi-part 'western' comic.

I'd mentioned Brian-'100 Bullets'-Azarello's Loveless late last year. I continue to follow his tale of western revenge, set sometime after the American Civil War. As Dilettante puts it, it's rather disturbing, and beautifully drawn.

Last week, I happened to come across an earlier western story in four parts written by Azzarello, and drawn by the Croatian Daniejl Zelelj. You can see the makings of Loveless in El Diablo (2001, Vertigo), a short tale packed with more twists than a mountain road.

El Diablo is Azzarello stamped all over - every character has shades of grey - there is bountiful sex and violence - guns blaze and bodies fly - and the finale is a twisted bastard child of Sergio Leone and Roald Dahl. It does sufficient justice to the 'western' genre too, with saloon shootings, 'injuns', hangings and horses.

Recommended read, if you like your comics pulpy and clever at the same time. Definitely read, if you like either 100 Bullets or Loveless.

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