Saturday, November 18, 2006


...footage has been obtained by the KQA, and overseas, no less.

Nicholas Parsons
, OBE, radio celebrity from the Beeb, was in Bangalore on Friday (the 17th of November) to cover the activities and doings of the KQA as part of a documentary. Parsons' career has revolved around JAM and other game-shows. He is honorary chairman of the International Quizzing Association, and hosts quizzes himself.

Parsons and his assistant talking to Ochintya and Arul

To facilitate, an invitational open quiz was held (non-ranking) with higher than usual levels of premier-bookshop-coupon-prizes (4000-3000-2000 and 600 for all finalist teams), ostensibly to cover for the uncomfortable Friday evening scheduling. The venue was the venerable Daly Memorial Hall.

The prelims had 25 questions. Nine(!) teams made the cut-off (it was tight) of 13.5 The relatively-short finals included the new-written-format of the theme round, the usual infinite bounce rounds, a complicated 12-question-stage3 connect and a written round on Absolut ads. The quiz-master has posted a selection of questions here.

Overall, questions were mostly cracked, though the themes met with less enthusiasm (only 3 of 9 teams got the stage 2 in the written round, and no one managed the 12-person-connection). WALT(W) led from the first round, having cracked the first theme pretty early, which helped them fight off challenges towards the end.

Before the finals, Mr. Parsons conducted a round of Just-A-Minute, featuring old Bangalore hands such as Darius Sonawala, Jimmy Xavier and Rajesh Meher. He went away pleased at the response, albeit a touch aghast at the 'keen-ness' of the participants to challenge opponents and 'spoil' the JAM.

Parsons 'JAM'ming

1st (140): WALT(W) - Anustup, Ochintya, Mitesh and Mr. Parsons himself, for a little bit (who also contributed the answer to the annoyingly obscure Blenheim question)
2nd (130) : Scientific Progress Goes Boink - Anurakshit, Avinash TN, Ashwin Koneti and Me.
3rd (95) : Mustafa - Debashree, Vijay, Lahar and Nandakumar

My personal favourite crack - being to only one to GUESS the Absolut dedication shown below. Read more here. We were in second place from round one - the effort towards the end wasn't good enough to beat WALT(W)'s early lead. Good to see regulars such as Mihir and Siddhartha after a while. I was delighted to hear that one Leslie Matthew, whose music writing I've enjoyed since the days of Gentleman, is in Bangalore now, and will probably turn up at a quiz sometime. I'm looking forward to see what he looks like.

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