Monday, December 04, 2006

A Tale of Two...

... Successors - JD Fortune and Daniel Craig.

I'll admit it. I did start off viewing both these gentlemen as imposters - hustlers who had not ascended-to but had been-placed-on exalted thrones, by deep pockets and the lure of fast commercial gain.

When I heard of Rockstar INXS, I was annoyed. I'm no avid INXS fan, but have heard a lot of their music and am partial to them. Michael Hutchence was almost a rock god. He had it all going - hot girlfriends, screen presence and a lifestyle to match. He wrote some groovy songs. He WAS INXS. Whenever I occasionally watched the show, Dave Navarro did a superlative job of putting me off. I made a face when JD Fortune finally won. Oh whatever, I don't care, it's a sham anyhow.

I loved Pierce Brosnan as 007. Yes, yes. I know Connery is the only James Bond ever, Dalton is Fleming's favourite and Pierce Brosnan has his truckload of detractors, but I've always liked the guy. He was born to play Bond - I've felt since the days when I used to watch Remington Steele avidly. Even though I thought most of the recent Bond movies sucked for the most part, I thought Brosnan fitted into the role like a good suit. When I read of James Blonde, I was aghast. I visited hate-sites. I watched Layer Cake and tut-tutted.

And then, some weeks back, on the spur-of-the-moment, I ignored Jam-master Jakkur's advice - "They're old wrinkled old midlife-crisis rockers man". I went and watched INXS perform at Palace Grounds. No, they didn't blow my mind - it was an average show. But they entertained. The band seemed really old and woefully out of place. (Old has nothing to do with it. The Rolling Stones in 2004 were old too, but rocked my ya-yas) . But they enjoyed themselves. They are musicians after all, and Hutchence moving on stopped them from performing, which I assume, is what they do and enjoy the most. This was their big chance again.

And Fortune - he tried hard, I'll admit. He sang hard and strong. He's no Hutchence, and has a long way to go. But, the two new songs, Pretty Vegas and Afterglow were good efforts. There might be some hope, I thought, as I navigated the post-concert traffic.

Last week, I caught Bond 21. I'll say this - IMHO it's probably the best Bond movie of the decade so far. Like DhoomK2 said, it's like a long trailer, interspersed with mushy scenes. But it's fun.

I've reminded myself that I'm not against change. Craig and Fortune are brave men, walking a tightrope over the abyss of endless comparison with their predecessor(s) who had made the role(s) their own. There is much commercial success on the back of established 'franchises' at the other end. It's a high-risk shortcut. They seem to be backed by strong production teams and large bankrolls. One, if not both, might make it. I'm watching with an open mind.


Reel Fanatic said...

I was surprised at just how effectively Mr. Craig was able to step right into Bond's shoes .. I just hope he's now taking some well-deserved time off to gloat to all the haters who doubted he could pull this off

Anonymous said...

"...rocked my ya-ya's "
you mean rocked your ya ya

Mr. D said...

nope, ya-yas.

Anonymous said...

I thought you had only one yaya. And no am not talking about your tongue

Amit said...

in fact, Craig is far more closer to the ideal bond - Sean Connery.. than the others we've seen!

More impo, at least this movie was not about gadgets, women and a bond with better than average luck

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you saw INXS in concert, but disappointed you really didn't hear the music. There is a whole new generation of INXS fans out there -- who weren't born when the band was started -- who are wild about INXS. I think you need to see another concert -- and this time -- try for the front rows! This is an ageless, incredibly good band playing wonderful music, and JD Fortune is an amazing singer and rocker.

E J Finn

Mr. D said...

I agree Fortune is a good front-man and entertaining singer. I'll definitely catch another show, if they get around the visiting my town anytime soon.