Friday, December 15, 2006

Two Boys...

... from Beijing have made it to 'superstardom' simply by putting their (crazyass) lip-synching videos on YouTube.

Mohayana sent me the International Herald Tribune piece on them here...
They posted their first "performance," a nearly 5-minute clip of lip-synching to the Backstreet Boys hit "I Want It That Way," to their college intranet in March 2005. It quickly migrated to big sites like YouTube and Google Video and fast became one of the most watched and highest rated amateur clips online
Here are links to some of their videos... (I'm not sure if like the Public Affair one more, or DaDaDa)

I Want It That Way
(the breakthrough one, they have a 'making of' video too!)
Public Affair
Special Edition
Don't Lie The hooded Fergie is funny

They have a blog! It's hilariously nonsensical too. Check out the imitators and fans they got!

Given the amount of lip-synching that we got going on back home in Bollywoood, these guys should come over and take a look.

I love the dude at the back who sits and plays games throughout all the videos... he stretches sometimes. Got to love the internet.

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Hypolink said...

Must be the exposure they got on your blog...They just landed a contract...