Tuesday, January 16, 2007


... so I'm back. After a month off.

Where was I? I had many posts lined up. Then the cat died. I got sad, wrote a long post about him (Mao the cat), got it all out of my system, decided all blogging is pointless, and went underground... But I'm back now. We also have a new kitten now, Che (lot's more about cat nomenclature in the household later)

I'm also on 'new blogger', which I don't like, as of now. Maybe I'll get used to it. If the bad doc can like it, so can anyone.

Which reminds me, if you missed doc and his pseudo-named band on Sunday, all you missed was a tight-ish show, with some pretty good sound (for a free amateur show). However, thanks to technology and some guy (with the white t-shirt and white pants who was standing right in front ensuring that we don't have direct exposure to the doc's mug) you can view some of it here. The band has promise, it also has our man Ananth on drums, Umesh on bass and the talkative but seemingly skilled Jayant on lead guitar and keybs.

So anyhoo, posts will be coming up shortly, once I get this new blogger shit figured out.

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