Monday, February 05, 2007


... fine quizzing win happened this weekend at the Unmaad Open.

Caution: Gloating ensues.

The Fauji Doctor, Kwonchie, the Mad Commie and I teamed up. We called ourselves 'Swami has married a Gult Girl', (instead of the usual Scientific Progress Has Gone Boink), in reference to one Swamy's on-going wedding and related festivities in Chennai. We were wondering if he would slime his own wedding and turn up. He didn't though there were numerous references during the quiz, IIMB quiz that is was.

The quiz was, entertaining, keeping up with finest IIMB tradition. I suspect Mukka's questions were slightly last minute, though. Monkey and Udups had some good ones in there. I'm guessing, they'll be posted somewhere shortly, like the KQA blog, maybe.

It was a gloat-worthy win, after a slow start where we scored next to nothing in the first round, but caught up and turned the tables on MQ by the last round by cracking the stage2 in good time. MQ, for their part, missed YET ANOTHER Sgt Pepper's connection question, making that 4 instances since the NLS Open in late last year. I fear Arul's backlash, in whatever next quiz he sets.

The warm feeling ended when we (minus Doc, plus Mihir) didn't make the finals even at the Mulky Open. Random connections of the Doc being a WingCo too come to mind. Oh, nevermind.


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Sai G said...

" I fear Arul's backlash, in whatever next quiz he sets..... "
Turned out to be prophetic words at the music quiz ... :)