Thursday, February 01, 2007

Don't you...

...just love Warren Ellis?

Yes, Warren 'Transmetropolitan' Ellis, losers. Who has his new book out.

Newsarama did an interview.

NRAMA: In the variety of comics work you've done, both creator-owned and company-owned, the characters and stories present a style and tone that's unmistakably you. In your creator-owned work it's seem the most potent, and this novel even more so - harkening back to your Transmetropolitan days and stepping even past that. What were your intentions behind writing Crooked Little Vein?

WE: Mostly just getting the damn thing done. This all started when I inherited a literary agent upon signing with the Writers And Artists agency in LA for film and tv work, years ago. Unbeknownst to me, W&A had a lit agency in New York, and one day Lydia Wills phoned me up to tell me that, now I was with W&A, she was my lit agent, and when was I going to write her a novel to sell? This went on for months. I nearly had her legs broken twice. Until, one day, I thought to myself, let's just shut her up. And I sat down and wrote the first ten thousand words of an utterly unsaleable novel. I figured I could recycle the material into comics later. So I handed her this horror of a thing, complete with Godzilla Bukkake scene, and said, take this and leave me alone.

Thinking, obviously, that she'd decide I was insane and never bug me again.

Two weeks later, she phoned to tell me she'd sold it to Harper Collins in New York.

It's one of the more epic backfires of my career, Chris.

As ever, it sparkles with vintage Ellisian wit.



corporate whore said...

Please down load transmetor and give it to me bitch. Have been after you for ages.

Mr. D said...

yeah yeah.