Monday, February 26, 2007


... Schmoscar. If you didn't spend the early hours of Monday morning fawning over Martin Scorsese and all, take a look at the Guardian's Oscar Commentary. Hilarious.

Forest Whitaker, the frontrunner for this year's best actor Oscar, is singled out for particular blather. "We think you're great," Kiss-Up informs him. "Everyone says such wonderful things about you."

After a while it all gets a bit too much. I can't help wishing that Kiss-Up, Gush and Flirt would start expanding their repertoire. Maybe they could just inexplicably snub one of the nominees, just for the fun of it. "Nah, not now, Winslet. Move along."

Or perhaps ask something totally off-kilter and inappropriate. "Halle Berry, you're looking utterly fabulous this evening. Now tell me: that time you crashed your car and fled the scene. How drunk must you have been?"

But no. Instead Kiss-Up rushes to welcome Kate Winslet with open arms, informs her that he is a "big fan of your friend Ricky Jarvis [sic]" and reminds her that "we are live on E!". Understandably, Kate beats a hasty retreat.

Classic Guardian.

I for one would have given an Oscar to Little Miss Sunshine for Best Picture. Scorsese doesn't need your friggin' Oscar. He didn't get it for Taxi Driver, or for Raging Bull. Why now? It's like giving Dylan a Grammy for Time Out of Mind. Oh well.



Hypolink said...

Loving the new photo

mohayana said...

Heres my theory , before which I've to second hypolink on the pic.

Anyway, these awards are just a notch above the box-office.The Oscar jury is composed of ppl who'd give an arm and a leg to work with Bruckheimer. So, when theres some deserving movie it often flies way above their heads , they'll jus let it pass...then as time goes on and those very movies are hailed as masterpieces .

After a while the juries are filled by another generation of idiots who'll start to look upon the people who made those unawarded movies as geniuses (because they cant understand the movies or because these juries , predictably, cannot think for themselves) when that BIG NAME comes and doles out whatever he does while pulling up his pyjamas , they'll go and give it an oscar.

Bland Spice said...

Hilarious commetary:)
And it would have added to the mystique of Martin if he'd remained without the Golden Statuette.

Btw, did you check out Little Children... I think it deserved a better deal tahn it got... esp. Jackie Haley.