Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm Starting a New...

...series of posts on my favourite webcomics out there. You know, like xkcd and stuff.

This here is going to be the first one. I'll try to post a new one every week hence, if I can keep up with stuff.

I might have mentioned this one earlier. The mad doctor introduced me to this one (dedication to him above ;). This is, by far, the meanest webcomic I've seen, which is consistently funny. And they're a full fledged website, with t-shirts, animated shorts, and the interactive story threads (where forum-members suggest next steps in an ongoing tale), all of which is as anti-est hilarious as it gets. I think they're British. No one else can be so unabashedly politically incorrect and get away with it. Not Americans anyway.


There's a lot more in there. They have a crazy low-fi style of drawing stick figure sort-of people, and it matches with their sense of humour. It's called Cyanide and Happiness (wtf).

My favourite t-shirt there (nudge, nudge) is this one.

These guys are awesome. If there is a single webcomic you want to subscribe to, make it this one (or maybe xkcd, but nothing else comes close). My only suggestion to them is to include a 'random comic' button somewhere.


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