Sunday, December 09, 2007

Quizzing Jargon...

...are there.

I was hoping to sneak this in while Wimpy, Kodhi and all were doing Goa, but I didn't. Really, one of them or Mad-man should be writing this. But here I am.


At one of the quizzes I attended some weekends back, the Mad-man had a running insider joke, connecting every fifth question with common (ok, only in post 2003 IIMB) quizzing slang. I
interrogated all of them , and put together this list, some of which is pretty entertaining jargon (the rest is not). Frequenters of quizzes in the country will probably recognize these situations, if not the exact terms.

Here goes...

Peter: A question which has been repeated. This derives from "repeater". Also comes to mind, an old Ajit joke which I reproduce later sometime.
That quiz of his had a whole lot of peters in it, I wonder how much time he spent on it.

Paul: A question which you made, and someone else put in his quiz, BEFORE you did. This is derived from the phrase "taking from Peter to pay Paul". This one is my favourite.
Aadisht's quiz had two pauls, both of which were asked in Gajju's quiz earlier that day, and both of which went to MQ.

Kitchen: A question which has been cooked up. A falsehood, so to speak. Some quiz-masters are known for making an entire quiz-master career on such questions.
Could you believe some of the kitchens on Pornob's quiz last month? If he ever asks a question about a eastern Indian ping-pong player, the answer is Arunjyoti Baruah. There are no facts involved.

Floyd: An eclectic question, which caters to some extreme fanboy-dom, the sorts of which Douglas Adams or Pink Floyd has enjoyed. Hence unanswerable by ordinary quizzers, unless it's a Peter. Condemnable.
Could you believe the extreme floyd in yesterdays quiz? He asked some random question about who played the second set of drums on some crap song in the Pulse show. Really!

Chimp: A question where the answer is equally likely to be any member of a given set. The original question was 'Which ape is the closest to humans in terms of DNA' or something like that. It's equally likely to be chimp or gorilla or baboon or bonobo. If the question comes in the finals, and the number of options is less than the number of teams, the process of waiting for the question to come to you while other teams eliminate wrong answers is called chimping out.
At last week's open, he asked a question on the Beatles band-members, and Kau's team got chimped out, and ended up losing first place.

Eleanor: A question which one answers out of turn. Exhibited by the Mad-man in a KQA quiz where Tups put up a statue of Eleanor Rigby, and he exclaimed the answer before turn, thereby helping the other team. This is the only one of today's definitions which doesn't classify a question.
Jiggy, keep it down! you nearly eleanored us there!

So that's the list for now, feel free to add, delete and propagate.

Thanks to Madman for very lucid definitions on the last two, where I got stuck.

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Will amusing or rather more amusing if you could find a definition for Mary too :D