Friday, December 07, 2007

Some Quizzing Action...

... has happened over the last few weekends, though not much else is in store before the last one of this month.

Here is the belated news.

Three weekends back , at the KQA do on the 18th of last month, there were three quizzes - Gajju's science and tech quiz, Arul's Bangalore quiz, and Madman's (the other one) History, Geography and World Culture quiz.

I went with Wimpy, Baada and RG for Gajju's Sci/Tech quiz. We were the 8th team to qualify among 9 teams, narrowly missing out on the ignominy of not qualifying. We continued our form and came last, uh, 8th, finishing on -60.

I don't even remember who won, but I think it might have been WALTO. The quiz was pretty good, though, and despite repeated attempts, we couldn't guess the stage 2 (which explains the
high negative score!)

The next quiz was the second edition of Hububba, The Bangalore Quiz. It was started in the fear that some two-bit loser would start a half-baked quiz in the name of the Bangalore Hubba (which is happening again this year). Nothing much changed, Arul hosted, the questions were both fun and exposed one's ignorance, Udupa and Wimpy came first, Mitesh and Doc came second.

The last one was Madman's general quiz, under the guise of some random name. It was super fun as well. I went with the same team as the morning, and though we did put some fight towards the end, we fell short of a top-3 position. WALTO or MQ or some such team won, I think. MQ got a couple of "pauls" (more shall be explained in a subsequent post)

The weekend after that, I had two quizzes, and another experience which can not be called quizzing really.

So I replied to a random e-mail on my alma-mater mailing list, and some months later got invited to the Miditech office in Cooke Town for an 'audition'. I happened to be attending young Jonathan's baptism (or baptism lunch, really) in the same neighbourhood earlier on Saturday
morning, and it was convenient to show up in my best glasses for an audition to Nat Geo Genius. I don't think I did too well, but my curiosity about how these things happen was sated to some
extent. (I later found out, I haven't made the grade)

Then, I did the painful drive all the way to NLS for their open. Thankfully, it was more than worth it. Udupa, Madman, Psycho Sid and I won, edging out a two-man MQ and QED. In a display of NLS-ian shadiness, we got a single cheque dated to the 31st of December for the entire team!

On Sunday, Madhav Nair's annual Movie Quiz turned 4 years old. As expected, it was a sea-change from the usual funda/meme-driven quizzing that surrounds us. It was also a refreshing lesson on movies, without being too eclectic. After lagging behind in last place till the last theme round, an inspired guess for the theme helped us end in fifth place, I think. Once again I'm not sure who came first, but I think it was Captain India's team.

Going forward, I'll post a selection of questions from the quizzes. Today, however, I have a single one from the Movie Quiz (We though long and hard about this, but didn't get to the right answer, upon hearing which, much self-kicking happened) :

Q: Ansel __, a preacher from Rhode Island, was probably the first ever documented case of dissociative fugue. On January 17, 1887, he went to Providence, Rhode Island, then continued on until he reached Norristown, Pennsylvania, where he set up shop as a stationer and confectioner using the name A. J. Brown.

On Monday, March 14, he awakened in the morning not knowing where he was and with no memory of the preceding two months, still believing it was January. His nephew, William James,
the pioneering American psychologist and philosopher, took him back home and went on to document this strange case.

What was Ansel’s last name? (answers in a subsequent post)

More questions from Madhav's quiz here.

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