Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This week's...

...webcomic recommendation isn't exactly a webcomic. It's also far more recent than some of the other ones I had intended to post about.

However, it's outrageously funny.

I've been a longtime fan of Kevin Cornell, (I had posted about him last year) his website Bearskinrug and Mojo the sock-monkey. He and Matthew Sutter have gotten together an ongoing game of 'My Team Your Team', and game which was introduced to them by Andy Havens, in this post. They put it on a site called 'The Superest'.

What primarily happens is that each artist takes turns to draw a superhero (in the loosest sense of the word) , which should be able to vanquish the previous one. What secondarily happens is that we're exposed to a list of superbeings with whacky superpowers, with some even whackier drawings.

Here's a thread which occurs somewhere in the middle.

Go on then. Read it from the first hero.


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