Monday, December 31, 2007

The Webcomic....

...recommendation this week is Wondermark.

It's by David Malki ! (including space and ! mark), who syndicates the strip to the Onion's print edition, which itself is strong recommendation for the strip. The reason it's here is that you can subscribe to strips via a RSS feed or visit the website everyday, which qualifies it to be a webcomic.

=The strip itself was introduced to me by Kupcake, via sundry e-mail forwards. I figured that Malki ! posts a new one on his website bi-weekly.

The strip's spiel, apart from being really funny occasionally, is the use of Victorian (Edwardian? Who knows? Old?) images for a 3 or 4-panel strip, which is a currently relevant gag (as opposed to gags relevant to ancient people). And it's not really a drawn strip, it's more a creative use of available oldie pictures from his 'personal collection'. Sometimes, the images themselves are funnier than the strip. For additional smartass-iness, point the mouse at it each strip to reveal (yes, reveal!) another wisecrack about the day's comic.

It can be quite funny.

It's also won various awards, I discovered, from the Wikipedia entry. It was nominated for Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards in 2006 and 2007 for "Outstanding Short Form Comic" and "Outstanding Comedic Comic," respectively. It has also been nominated for the 2007 Ignatz Award for "Outstanding Online Comic.

That guy with the telescope thing keeps cropping up in a load of funny strips!

His website is pretty interesting beyond the comics, too. It features a 'making of' section, as well as this caustic set called 'The Comic Strip Doctor', which he sadly doesn't write anymore. The gag there was to take a comic from the papers and do it better! Some of the results are funny, and probably deserve an independent post. Also, via his site, I've got leads to a whole lot of new webcomics, to keep me busy.

Go on, check it out. Oh, and a happy new year, etc. to y'all. Drive safe. Also, that 'Bears with ill-fitting hats' meme might be catching on.



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