Monday, August 18, 2008

And The Next Day...

...I had passes to go watch the initial rounds of the Men's Fencing event. At the Fencing Hall.

The tour bus got stuck in some pretty nasty traffic and we reached an hour late - which was a pity, since I'd have to leave a couple of hours earlier to make my flight anyway. So I only got around an hour or so of it.

Which was fun enough.

The best part of this trip was I got to see sports I would normally skip on the television set itself, leave alone actually watching one. But you learn something everyday. And today was that fencing is fun to watch.

It's a pretty aggressive sport, and it's no wonder they put something at the business end of the epees - I wouldn't be surprised if someone gets stabbed at one of these.

I happened to see three Chinese participants in the hour I was there, which is a special experience, since the crowd goes apeshit screaming, cheering, and generally making a ruckus.

Next: The lonely Indian fan.


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