Friday, August 15, 2008

The food...

...from my recent China was outstanding - more than usual.

One of the reasons was that a lot of the food was at a do, or a buffet, instead of me staring at a pictures of food on a Chinese menu and trying to guess what might be the best thing for me to have.

1. The Golden Jaguar Buffet
The craziest experience, the buffet at the Golden Jaguar, where I spent my Beijing Olympics opening night.

Here's a couple of videos that I took, before they stopped me. The two videos just deal with the starters section, and then the next couple of sections. From a larger perspective, it barely covers a tenth of the buffet.

I found this video on youtube as well, which is a little more comprehensive. Crazy frikkin buffet, is all I have to say. I had to sit down and gather my thoughts before I could pick what to eat.

2. Gui Jie (Ghost) Street
The best place to grab authentic Beijing food at the odd hours, this is a street packed with eateries on both sides for some distance. I went with a group of people, and had the hot pot. The pic there shows the two hot-pot sauces - and the spicy one was SPICY.

It was a fun place at midnight, and the waitress explained how their busiest hour really starts at 2 or 3. The odd hours gives it the name Ghost Street.

3. Kung Fu
Not really a mind blowing food experience or anything, but I found this McDonald's inspired Chinese chain to be amusing. It's a nice quick place - not gourmet, but functional. I love the logo - I'd buy a t-shirt with that logo on it.

This is the Kung Fu outlet at one end of Beijing Road in Guangzhou.


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