Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is part of a series...

... of blog-posts which I'm putting up on my experience of the weekend past. The posts are sort of rambling, only very loosely based on my itinerary.

I didn't actually get to visit the Olympic stadium till the afternoon of the day after the opening. We had tickets for Artistic Gymnastics. Fortunately, I had sufficient company today - folks from market-research agencies, and my host himself.

In the meanwhile, I got myself interviewed by a European ESPN team. They asked some generic questions, and then asked me if "..I felt safe in Beijing..." - I said, I presumed so, since I see the police pretty much everywhere.

We spent some part of the "free time", (as on our super-organised-schedule), walking around the olympic complex. As luck would have it, I'd just visited the Sydney Olympic Complex a couple of months back, and had a benchmark. The verdict essentially is - it's frikkin grand. Between the sheer size of the complex, the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest, it's quite breathtaking. I don't think the photographs do it justice.

The Water Cube is my favourite of the lot - and it's a pity I didn't get to enter it (I'm not really complaining, mind you - I've been lucky enough to even see it in person). In the evening, while I was leaving, they were doing some cool colour-changing stuff with the exterior.

The Bird's Nest is impressive too, up close. Even in Beijing's grey evening sky, you could see the Olympic flame. Again, I'd loved to see a sport inside.

The Olympic complex has something called 'the Sunken Garden', where the MacDonald's and the subway station is. It's a level below the rest of the complex, which is much cooler, with water sprays and water bodies all over the place, in style of ancient Chinese gardens, I think.

Keep it locked - more posts and pictures on it's way.


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