Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chinese English... fun. As much, if not more than, Indian English.

Here are some of the pictures - some of them are from my April trip, while the others are from the August one.

"Please Do Not Stay" is far and away my favourite. This welcoming sign is at an Olympic experience center.

If anyone can explain this one to me, I'd be grateful. It's at the check-out counter in a hotel, on the stand with the feedback forms.

It's rare to see English signs, I just clicked them when I could. The "Be Careful" sign is the most common - I'm going to do a post on only these signs the next time I visit.

And of course, if you go to English language classes, you're going to get your hands tied to a white man's. What fun.

Of course, sometimes they automate it.


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