Friday, September 19, 2008

Do Watch...

...Hulla. A dear friend, Jaideep, wrote and directed it. I'm hoping it's a great movie and will do well. Here's a small advertisement for it, from the makers:


This Friday, 19th of September, will see a small Hindi film being released called Hulla.

It took 7 years for the film to come to the screen after the first draft of its script in 2001. The film has no stars, dance floors, guns, gangsters, molls, sex scenes… not even a romantic angle. It is an everyday film about middle-class everyday people.

But it has a wit and humour that hopes to compensate for everything.

If you plan on seeing it, the filmmakers specifically request you to see it by the first weekend (20th, 21st September). Otherwise, it could just be that word-of-mouth does not get a chance to build up and the film is off theatres by the next weekend.

Hulla was screened at the Osian's Cine Fan film festival (Delhi) in July. The two screenings led to several mentions in the media; short excerpts are reproduced below.

"A well-crafted and marvelously acted movie, Hulla is both entertaining and disturbing."
- The Times of India

"…clever, engaging satire."
- Outlook

"…feels tingling-ly true-to-life."
- The Hindu Business Line

"Shorn of Bollywood embellishments…"
-Sakaal Times

"A new-age middle-of-the-road delight…"

This online review on a well-known film website is the very first (and till date, only) solo review it has had.

This is the film's recently constructed official Big Pictures website.

And this is the unofficial, politically incorrect blog that has been maintained for 18 months now. The real flavour and story behind the film is here

Please forward this to whoever you think may be interested.

Thanks for your time.


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