Saturday, September 27, 2008


...from the weekend before.

There were three quizzes a couple of weekends back, spread across the expanses of 14th and 15th crosses in Malleswaram. It was my first quizzing Sunday in quite a while.

The first two were solo quizzes, a format I'm not fond of. The prelims for the Solus Rex, the KQA take on the Mastermind style of quizzing was up first. The questions were pretty good (you can check them out here). I did badly, it being early in the morning, and there being an annoyingly tight time limit on it.

The next one was better, but I didn't make the finals. It was the Lone Wolf, and it was as mad as usual Udupendra quizzes. We did lunch at Kodial (which I hope to write about later), a delightful, but vegetarian South Canara food joint near Sampige Road. Lunch was more fun than the Lone Wolf, though Udupendra will take credit for both.

The last quiz of the day was Persiflage, Arul's annual inflicting of pain, under the guise of a Lit Quiz. There was a college quiz in between, before this, but I'll skip that since we were stuffing our 'one vegetarian meals' down our faces then. When Arul told me in the morning that he hadn't made the questions for the book quiz yet, I thought he was joking. He wasn't. 6 questions into the finals, he gave up on the slides and whipped out his diary and let loose. I'd say he ruined WALTO's afternoon more than anyone else's. And I'm not saying that because I was cameo-ing for MQ.

Yes, I cameo-ed for MQ. We won (yay!). Majority of the credit goes to Cherian's inspired form - he took down most of Arul's pre-1950 questions without breaking a sweat. The rest of us took care of the more recent questions, which were few and far between. I wonder if and when he'll post the questions from that. Watch this space.

And I pocketed the hefty book-coupon.


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