Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And then, I found the...

...Centre Belge de la Bande-Dessinee.

The Belgian Centre for Comic Books. Which has to be the grooviest museum in the world. Ever. Even if you don't like comics. Though I can't think of why you wouldn't like comics. I suggest going to a brain doctor, if you don't. But not this one. He probably would make YOU a comic-character after chopping off random bits of your brain. But hey, get it fixed, ok?


The Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art, hence called The Museum, is the grooviest musuem in the world. Ever. No, I won't stop saying that. I walked for what seemed like light years before I found it, but I did, in the end. I'm not going to try to give directions - just ask the lovely lady at the tourist center, and don't try to look down her chest, however tempting it might be. That's just rude.

To be honest, I have nothing coherent to say about The Museum. I entered. Forked out a bunch of Euros. And then ran around like a chicken without a head. Like an excited monkey with two heads. I flitted from exhibit to exhibit trying to take everything in at once. I went crazy. I think that tall Germanic couple even took a picture of the psycho Indian tourist. I hope they don't post it.

But let me try, anyway.

There are three floors. The ground floor has the store and the eating place. Everything in the store is so expensive. And so desirable. Then there's the floor with the snarky lady at the counter, and the introduction to how comics are made. This floor also has the gallery of original art. Nice.

Then there's the main floor, with the Tintin section, and smaller sections for a whole bunch of other series like the Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Bob de Moor, Gaston Legaffe, and a lot of Francophone stuff I was only barely aware of. I reminded myself to get back to French class. It's worth it. Really. And I'm not talking about skills needed to order a waffles with chocholate ice cream. You can do that by pointing.

There's another floor, on top of the main floor, which is like a third of a floor, which has displays of MORE comic series. Corto Maltese, Milo Manara, the duck-dude, a really small Asterix section, and so on.

I ran around madly from section to section. Tried to make the most of my few hours. I couldn't, obviously. So I took some pictures. A larger collection of the photographs are here.

That's that. More adventures and photographs coming up.


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