Wednesday, November 05, 2008


...from last weekend.

The Solus Rex Semi-finals by Arul Mani and Kiran Vijaykumar.
I had qualified for this Semi finals, by the skin of my teeth. In fact I had done so badly that I hadn't bothered to even check the results till Dhammo told me about it. Anyhoo, I put some last minute fight by putting "autobiographies" (the topic) as a search string in Amazon and took a quick look at the names of the books. I doubt it helped. But I won (yay!) - with a little help from Ochintya who threw away some points carelessly, my way. I threw some away too, to Baada. Like Basil d'Oliviera and all.

But now.

I have to put fight for Nobel Laureates in the Sciences and Children's Literature from 1850. I wish it was atleast 20th century Children's Literature - the 'from 1850' just blows it so wide open. I have absolutely no enthu to read up - but will do so, perhaps, towards the end, once the dates are announced. I just hope I'm not travelling then.

The History of Ideas Quiz by Arul Mani and Cherian Alexander.
Kwonchie and I teamed for this - and we didn't do too well. Actually, if you consider that we were both half asleep, we did pretty well. I think the sleepiness had to do with the combination of really long questions, a really heavy lunch at Kodial, and the general lack of ventilation in the Seva Sadan hall.

I might not even answer those questions if they came again.

The Ganesh-Nayak Memorial Open by Dibyendu Das and Vinay Das.
As is the norm nowadays, Kwonchie and I split for this. I went with Mihir, Khadiya and Leslie. We did alright in the prelims, I thought. But we narrowly missed out on qualification - on a technicality if you ask me - the Blue Jay one, if anyone's curious. Evidently, the state bird of Karnataka is not the Blue Jay, but the Indian Roller - though it's often wrongly labeled the Blue Jay. Aware of such confusion, we wrote both answers, but Blue Jay first.

Anyhow, that's a sad miss, because I usually like the Das Brothers' quizzes - it's more "accessible" as Kwonch is wont to say.

But that was that. Till the next such weekend.



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