Friday, December 19, 2008

More Quizzes...

...happened at the KQA the previous weekend.

First up was the double-city Open by Skimpy, MAadman and Baada (who disclaimed all responsibility for the questions). It was held in Mumbai too. Le Kwonchesqie and I teamed up last minute with Doc and Prashanth whom we met at the venue, after deciding at the last moment to go. We qualified. We were on top (yes, on top!) till the half-way point, when the LVC happened, during which round we got our ass royally kicked - negatives for a (hugely) wrong guess followed by a failure to answer it at all till the end. It was quite a workable one, and huge regret happened. We put fight during the rest of the quiz, but were way behind to catch up. Fun it was, though.


The first round of the Solus Rex finals (previously) suddenly was only about Children's Literature from 1850 to now. Appu swept the rounds, with Tups, Udups and me only barely scrapping among ourselves for the crumbs. I ended up at the bottom. There's the second round of that this Sunday, which includes 'Nobel Laureates in Science' (supertoUGH!) - and more, perhaps.

Wish me luck.


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