Friday, May 22, 2009

Kameez... unbelievable. My man Corporate Whore put this list together. Can't help not sharing it with the world. I think he used this page at cricinfo

Here goes:

"I'm not an Incredible Hulk, like Danny Morrison. I'm a thin guy from the subcontinent."
Ramiz Raja tells the world just what he is

"If we have a Super Over then super things can happen."
Ramiz Raja captivates the five-year-olds who form an important part of his
audience with some cunning wordplay

"While Hodge seems pretty clear about what to do... his mind uncluttered... it's a hodge-podge from Albie Morkel"
Ramiz Raja unearths the link between two players on opposing sides

"Chase, chase and the ball wins the race... RP Singh falls on his face."
Ramiz Raja discovers a talent for doggerel and lets the world know

"How well he has managed to mitigate this innings in the last few overs."
Ramiz Raja has fun with the English language

"This over has been full of action. All this action is sponsored by [pause] our sponsors."
Ramiz Raja knows just who is at the bottom of what you see on your screens

"Nannes... he's been a menace for the opposition."
Ramiz Raja rocks a rhyme y'all

"Farveez Maharoof is busy doing nothing."
Ever the diplomat, Ramiz Raja, while interviewing Maharoof, doesn't put too fine a point on the fact that he hasn't played a game in the tournament so far

"He's not a big hitter of the ball."
Ramiz Raja lets us in on a secret about Karan Goel, a man who scored at a mere two runs a ball or so in his first innings of the tournament



Neeraj said...

You forgot the most important the height of the match-fixing scandal...

"The Pakistani betting lineup is very strong"

varun said...

I loved the Aneeel Kumble one, a wicket for the wicket taking ball from Aneeeel Kumble!