Monday, June 29, 2009

Tokyo is... of those cities I love visiting. It's perfect for walking around, looking around in amazement at the strange sights from a different world. And I find it strange and amazing every time I go.


Andy Connor is (was?) in Tokyo on holiday and he has some very Tokyo photographs. Here.

This photograph should give you that stimulus you need on a Monday morning. Dash out happy already.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Way...

...or the other, this NYT crossword actually predicted the election winner, a day before.

Quoting Crossword Unclued,

This puzzle was published on 5th November 1996: the day of the Presidential Election in the US in which Bill Clinton and Bob Dole were the prime candidates. The lead story in the next day's newspaper would naturally be about the result of the election.

Lead story in tomorrow's newspaper (!), with 43A: CLINTON ELECTED

BUT at the time the crossword was published, the election result had not been declared. There were loud protests from solvers – was NYT being so presumptuous as to predict the result?

Read the entire story to see how it worked out, for the 'politically correct'.

Via Lahar, who is not a girl, but a crossword freak, instead. I used to like doing cryptic crosswords in boring lectures. Haven't done one in a while, though.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Too late... enter, but not late enough to enjoy the prize winning entries. At the Tweet Me a Story contest.

And I only found out when catching up on Wondermark, a webcomic I enjoy. David Malki, the artist, had a few entries in the finals, and eventually came in third.

Some of the ones I liked:

The air was bitter cold. A frozen tear fell from my cheek, crushing a small school. I thought to myself, "Keep it together, Godzilla." CREATED BY Brian Joines

"We're the only 2 humans left!" she wailed. "You could at least shed a tear!" But he simply blinked. One whirring, clicking, terrible blink. CREATED BY Katherine Boboris

Came home from the funeral & went straight for the attic. The old trunk was still there; Dad's key fit perfectly. I'll see you all yesterday CREATED BY David Malki

Check it out. And practice for next time.

And if you're interested in this sort of thing, try Six Word Stories, which is hardcorer. It all started when Hemingway wrote "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." which he said was among his best works.


How'dya like...

...the new blog template?

I like it and I'm hoping it'll get me posting more. Feedback welcome, folks. I'm still making some final tweaks...