Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Way...

...or the other, this NYT crossword actually predicted the election winner, a day before.

Quoting Crossword Unclued,

This puzzle was published on 5th November 1996: the day of the Presidential Election in the US in which Bill Clinton and Bob Dole were the prime candidates. The lead story in the next day's newspaper would naturally be about the result of the election.

Lead story in tomorrow's newspaper (!), with 43A: CLINTON ELECTED

BUT at the time the crossword was published, the election result had not been declared. There were loud protests from solvers – was NYT being so presumptuous as to predict the result?

Read the entire story to see how it worked out, for the 'politically correct'.

Via Lahar, who is not a girl, but a crossword freak, instead. I used to like doing cryptic crosswords in boring lectures. Haven't done one in a while, though.


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