Thursday, July 02, 2009

Among The Jackson 5...

...songs I've heard, 'I Want You Back' is a clear favourite. It's probably my all-time favourite Motown song too. I love that chord progression followed by the falsetto 'Oooo Baby....'. I'm definitely going to try figuring it out the next time I do something on a guitar.

Anyhoo, here are three covers. I'm a big fan of covers in general, because they often bring out the best parts of the song in a different way.

First up a bluegrass version from Nickel Creek. Sarah Watkins' voice and the strumming kicks serious butt.

Second, KT Tunstall doing her thing with her brilliant acoustic loop thingie, which makes it look like a whole band is backing her, when she's really all alone with her guitar. Go here to read about the loop pedal stuff.

Third, an instrumental with some fingerpicking brilliance that I found on Youtube.

Finally, a Jackson 5 off Soul Train. Outstanding stuff.


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