Monday, August 31, 2009

Putting Japanese Videos...

...on the WTF list is almost cheating, because the Japanese come up with the craziest stuff. In fact, Japanese TV is probably the all-time WTF video-collection ever.

That said, I think I'm allowed one Japanese link a week. This one comes from the ever-vigilant Daddy-san, who has usually his, um, oculus open for WTFness.

Here you go, the Japanese toilet prank. Madness, really. I have a thing for the toilets in Japan, but in a different way.


The Duckworth-Lewis Method... the name of a band now. Here's a single, Meeting Mr. Miandad.



Sunday, August 30, 2009

The S-Factor... some sort of show, I think. But this video is hilarious. I especially love the third girl, who makes seductive eye-contact. I want her.

Hilarious - might be NFSW if you work in some fundamentalist country. Like India.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

If Lady GaGa...

...has been annoying the daylights out of you by appearing all the time on the music channels, check this out. This is twisted beyond compare. Lady GaGa (really) plays the piano and goes apeshit.

I think she kind of just bangs the piano at random (occasionally taking care to hit the right chord) and singing away. Either that, or she's a secret genius pianist and I have no taste.

Especially the part where she puts her heel on the piano. She might actually be on crack, as one of the comments pointed out.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Politically Incorrect...

...and hilarious. Today's WTF video is a classic - 'We are the World' by the Japanese, in blackface!

It's an outstanding video - they actually take the effort to look and sound like the originals - this is taking karaoke to new levels of WTFness.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Spoken Word... a form of art I'm not very familiar with. It's some sort of a cross between plain old-fashioned music, stand up comedy and poetry, thinks I.

But enough jabbering. Here's Benjamin Zephaniah Talking Turkeys. Check it maan.



Monday, August 17, 2009

Jobless Video...

...for y'all. Goodness Gracious Me does Top Gear.


Friday, August 14, 2009

WTF of the Day #3

This video is hilarious. I ain't seen Bruno yet, but it's good to see old-school Sacha Baron in action.

"...monkeys are still having babies, why don't they have a human then?...", goes one of the creationists.

And the debate about the 'floater' is effin' mad.

Respect Yo.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

WTF of the Day #1

I found out, two years too late, that Michael Schumacher drove a taxi to the airport to make it on time. Here, thanks to Appu.[1]

However, the more fun WTF is this ad, which I found at the bottom of the same page. A Brazilian Green-group is encouraging folks to pee while showering to save water. Brilliant, I say. The ad is kinda funny too. Watch.

I don't have any Portuguese, but I think you can save 12 litres of water or something. Unless they're talking about 12 Michael Jordans being good enough to kick King Kong's butt. There's also a hilarious Gandhiji lookalike at 0:21. Hahaha, I hope no one goes and gets offended and spoils all the fun. Pee in the shower already, folks.

[1] Please don't jump on me for being behind the times at F1 - I used to watch it in the 90s and then got bored of it. Let's just randomly blame it on the lack of television in some parts of Bihar, ok?


I have been encouraged to...

...either blog or unleash rediffcommentdom. Aadisht was responsible for such encouragement (yes, that line's in the passive voice, Mrs George).

Given that I have no lasting serious interest in anything, or rather, any lasting interest in anything serious, I've decided to do a WTF of the Day thing. Bet 365 has my permission to hand out odds on how many days it'll last - but they better fix their site first - I can't pay them by Paypal, right now. How's that for a WTF? In this day and age, and especially since I'm in a land where it's legal finally.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The 20Q Engine On...

...the Internets blew my mind at the first go. I read an article on 20Q logic over at Mental Floss and was impressed enough to try my hand at it. Shyam and I used to be reasonably good at 20 Questions in high school and won ourselves the odd prize in school fests. I thought we had a decent system worked out. We have nothing on a neural network.

So, I went to the online 20Q engine and it asked me some questions like age, gender and country. (FWIW, I did not enter India). I then thought up a place.

The Internets started with, 'Is it good for fishing' and went downhill from there (or so I thought). Going by the questions that it asked me, I gave it a very distant chance of guessing the right answer. But it did, by the 25th question (which makes it officially a victory for me). I also come away knowing that 'Is it good for fishing?' is not necessarily a worse first question than 'A-cons?' (A-cons for continents with A) or 'Asia?'. For the record, it asked the 'Asia' question at Q5.

Take a look at the questions, in the order that was put to me, and (my) answers and decide for yourself if you'd have guessed it. It asked some seemingly random questions, and then suddenly comes up with the answer out of nowhere. Awesome stuff.

01. Is it a good place for fishing? Sometimes.
02. Is it in the tropics? Yes.
03. Does it have a large population? Probably.
04. Was it built after the year 2000? No.
05. Is it located in Asia? Yes.
06. Is it located in Scotland? No.
07. Is it known for volcanic activity? No.
08. Is it controversial? No.
--. Does it have a high crime rate? Unknown.
09. Is it a capital city? No.
10. Does it have a farming community? Yes.
11. Is it a honeymoon destination? Sometimes.
12. Is it known for authentic cuisine? Yes.
13. Is it popular with teenagers? No.
14. Was it built before 1975? Yes.
15. Is it associated with war? Yes.
16. Is it an island? No.
17. Does it sell something? No.
18. Is it part of a democracy? Yes.
19. I guessed that it was Malaysia? Wrong.
20. I guessed that it was Turkey? Wrong.
21. Does it have wild animals? Yes.
22. Is it on the Pacific coast? No.
23. Does it have multiple official languages? No.
24. Is it a country? No.

And then bam! The answer's in the comments below - see if you can guess it (and get your head checked if you can). I definitely would have come nowhere close with this much information. I'd have guessed Mysore in 20questions on my own, but with mostly geographical targeting and some last-mile thinking.