Thursday, August 06, 2009

WTF of the Day #1

I found out, two years too late, that Michael Schumacher drove a taxi to the airport to make it on time. Here, thanks to Appu.[1]

However, the more fun WTF is this ad, which I found at the bottom of the same page. A Brazilian Green-group is encouraging folks to pee while showering to save water. Brilliant, I say. The ad is kinda funny too. Watch.

I don't have any Portuguese, but I think you can save 12 litres of water or something. Unless they're talking about 12 Michael Jordans being good enough to kick King Kong's butt. There's also a hilarious Gandhiji lookalike at 0:21. Hahaha, I hope no one goes and gets offended and spoils all the fun. Pee in the shower already, folks.

[1] Please don't jump on me for being behind the times at F1 - I used to watch it in the 90s and then got bored of it. Let's just randomly blame it on the lack of television in some parts of Bihar, ok?


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