Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It's Onam today..

...and 'ol Aadisht is moaning the lack of a Mellu specialist joint in Delhi.

That entire concept struck me as odd, because my understanding of Mellu-dom is summed up in the below image, which I've seen in countless Mellu messes. This pic is whacked from here, but I have no clue who actually made it.

On other words, someone has to get their shit together. Either Aadisht has to find the Mellu mess around the corner. Or Mellu-dom has to lift their mundu and put a mess in the capital.

Happy Onam, folks.



Aadisht Khanna said...

Mr. D - that's 'cos Mellus in Delhi come to be typists, not to open chai-kadais.

Mr. D said...

I cannot accept that. Mellu messes are more omnipresent than the average god.

I think you might have discovered a gaping hole in the mallu-mess colonialism of the world.