Friday, November 06, 2009

It was the nineties...

...all over, last night. But before the Sachin-is-a-choker crowd get all worked up, just a reminder of how much ahead of the competition he is.

A tabulation of the top 30 all time ODI runs made.

And before anyone asks, the only person in this list with an average higher than Sachin (44.6) is Jacques Kallis (45.1).

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Neerav said...

Crazily he also has one of the highest strike rate. we can agree he is not the best finisher and thats probably because of lack of experience in batting in the final overs

Mr. D said...

My opinion is that it's not his job to finish. He's been an opener mostly, and it's the middle-order's job to finish. Just because he makes most of the runs, it doesn't mean that he has to make ALL of them.

Neerav said...

I agree totally - you can not fault him for this innings.

For all those saying why did he play that shot- probably we guys don't know how it is there on the field you make split second decisions and go with your instinct (same instinct that helped him till that point in the innings

Varun K R said...

In the beginning of his career, for 100 odd matches, he was a number 6/7.Imagine if he was an opener even then.
When it comes to Sachin people forget that cricket is a "team game".